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4 Basic Tasks That Homeowners Forget to Add to Their Home Maintenance Checklist

Basic home maintenance is a task that most homeowners would rather ignore after a long work week. Spending the only bit of time that you have off on the weekend to tackle home maintenance doesn’t sound like a good time.
But it’s a necessity when trying to keep your home functioning properly.
home maintenance checklist
Your home maintenance checklist may not be as complete as you had hoped, and it’s because many people forget about these basic tasks:

1. Water Heater Basics

A water heater is what allows you to take a hot shower in the middle of winter, yet a lot of people forget to check on their water heater. The typical course of action is to start paying attention to the hot water heater after an issue happens.
Not a good idea.
Your hot water heater should have the following maintenance tasks performed:

  • Tank draining
  • Anode replacement (every few years)
  • Pressure released every few months

If you perform these tasks, your hot water heater will function optimally, for longer, and will have less sediment and buildup inside of the tank.

2. Inspect the Home for Any Leaks

Visual inspections of the ceiling in every room can help you locate leaks in a home. But you will also want to look for leaks in the kitchen and bathroom. This means checking to see if the faucet is dripping, and you’ll also want to look under any cabinets to find any potential moisture from a leak.
These small checks can save you a lot of money in the long-term.
When you have exposed pipes, run your hand on them to see if there is any moisture present. Moisture is a sign of a leak – sometimes a pinhole leak that you’ll easily miss.

3. Drain Line and Air Duct Inspection

More of a complicated task, a drain line and air duct inspection ensures that your home’s drain and HVAC system is running properly. Cleanings may be required, and these inspections can help stop major issues in the drain line or air duct before they happen.
“Used to view breaks in drain lines and air ducts, fiber optic inspection technology has been used now for 15 to 20 years,” explains Hi-Tech Plumbing.
When having a camera inspect these vital home systems, you’re:

  • Taking an in-depth look into the system
  • Correcting issues before they happen

You can buy your own camera to inspect these systems, but it’s best to have a professional do it for you once every few years.

4. Refrigerator Drip Pan Cleaning

Refrigerators have drip pans, and while easy to clean, a lot of homeowners overlook these pans. In fact, a lot of people don’t realize that the drip pan exists. If allowed to fester, the drip pan will eventually start to develop mold.
The trick is to remove the kick panel at the bottom of the fridge, and then follow the defrost drain line all the way to the pan.
A simple and easy task, clean this pan out using an all-purpose cleaner every few months to keep it from developing mold or to keep standing water from accumulating.