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4 Décor Ideas For The Modern Living Room

Living rooms are integral to a good quality of life; they’re those spaces in a home where one entertains guests or relaxes after a hard day’s work.

The best way to decorate your living room depends on the type of homeowner you are.

Those who entertain guests should decorate the living room with furniture to give it a regal and inviting appeal while those who use their living room as a space to relax should choose furniture that makes them feel cozy and offers old-world charm.

There are furniture manufacturers here in the Greater Toronto Area that make high-quality, handcrafted signature pieces of solid wood living room furniture, including coffee tables, entertainment units, chairs, etc. that would fit perfectly in any modern living room.

It’s just a matter of seeking out the right manufacturer. Once you’ve found a trustworthy, quality solid wood craftsperson (again, you’ll want to go local, if possible) here are four ideas to help create a comfortable modern living room.

Entertainment System

A handcrafted solid wood entertainment unit gives the living room added grandeur. It gives the room a stately elegance, especially for those who enjoy entertaining guests in the living room.

In fact, even if you’re not the type to entertain a lot of guests, an entertainment unit is still great because it adds visual appeal to an otherwise bare wall, and provides a focal point for your television, video games, and whatever other entertainment you enjoy.

Coffee Table

Once the entertainment unit is in place, one can tie the room together with a beautiful reclaimed wood coffee table in the center.

Furniture made from wood reclaimed from old barns, ships and other wooden structures have a beauty and distinction of their own, adding character and a certain modern sensibility to your living room.

Wall Decorations

Living room walls can be decorated in different ways to add to the beauty of the room. One can place a single large canvas picture on the wall or place a collection of photographs on the wall. Someplace mirrors on the wall of small living rooms to make the room look bigger.

There’s no need to place frames of a similar size and shape together; an assortment of frames of different sizes and shapes adds beauty and variety to living room wall décor.


One of the most important pieces of furniture in a living room is the sofa, and all other furniture and decorations should be made to fit in with the sofa. Homeowners should keep the color, the size, and comfort in mind while buying the sofa.

The color of the sofa should suit the brightness of the living room by day and by night, and the size should make the room look cozy and comfortable.

One should try the sofa and test the comfort of the cushions before buying the sofa, choosing one with durable upholstery.

Making a living room look beautiful is the first step in living comfortably in a home. With handcrafted wood furniture, the right sofa, and elegant wall decorations, you’re on your way to creating the perfect modern living room.

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