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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

Families in Canada have different moving experiences. But there are some common problems that come up when they share their experiences. These usually include issues with disorganization and complaints about moving companies. If you are planning to move any time soon, here are some of the common moving mistakes you should try to avoid.

1. Failing to Do Adequate Research on Your Mover

Do a thorough check on your moving company before you sign any contract. Reputable Regina movers will not give you an estimate by phone or by email without taking inventory of all the items you are planning to move so that a proper estimate of weight can be made. No quick walk-throughs should be allowed. After the estimate has been done, you must not be required to put down a large down payment. Ensure that the company is legit and does not do business under a variety of names. As much as possible get references from your potential movers.

2. Looking for the Cheapest Packing Supplies

It is important to support recycling but obtaining worn out, weak and tattered boxes from your local supermarket for your move is not a good idea. These boxes will not be able to hold up when they are shifted, tossed or jolted on a long distance trip. It is best to buy new boxes that are designed for the type of items you want to move. In addition to strong packing boxes, you should buy moving blankets, bubble wrap, packing tap and other packing supplies made to secure dishes and other breakable items.

3. Forgetting to Secure Your Boxes

Buy rope, ratchet straps and shrink-wrap to keep the load secure in transit. Run shrink-wrap or rope around groups of boxes so they do not shift or slide in the truck. The load should also be properly secured to the truck so that it does not move around. Pay more attention to tall cabinets, entertainment centres and anything that may tip over. On such items, cross lash the ratchet straps with an X. Avoid very tall stacks when you are arranging boxes because they could tip over if the truck stops suddenly.

4. Neglecting the Weather

Prepare for a rainy day. Get some plastic sheets or tarps to use to cover your belongings and protect them rain or precipitation while you move them into the house. Remember that the moving day may not always turn out to be sunny and bright. If Mother Nature decides to release a heavy down pour, will you be prepared to protect your stuff? Take along a rug so you can place at the entrance to serve as an entry mat.

5. Insufficient or Poor Labeling

If you don’t want to experience a lot of confusion and frustration when you arrive at your new home, make sure you take time to label your boxes properly. If you can afford them, buy packing boxes with established colour codes and label strips. You may also get your children to help you colour boxes that contain items from a particular room. Ideally, you should pack items that you will need immediately for a about four to seven days in specially labeled boxes. The items in these special boxes should include kitchen utensils, curtains, bedding and clothing.

Those are some of the common errors to avoid when you are planning your next move. Spend more time planning and make an adequate budget for packing supplies.