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5 Modern Design Ideas to Rev-Up Your Bathroom Experience

The bathroom isn’t necessarily a mono-functional place to address our cleaning needs anymore. It should be an oasis, a cool place to get relaxed, refreshed and energized for other life activities. This is even more so in a world where there is little or no time off from our stressful schedules.

Transforming your bathroom into such a wonderful haven comes with a price tag though, it has to be beautifully designed. Over the years, decades and millenniums, the bathroom has metamorphosed through generations of creativity, innovation and design. Irrespective, there is no perfect design. The craftiness and inspiration continues and will always continue.

Space, orientation and budget are some important elements to put into consideration when you want a bathroom design. From the bathroom storage to faucets and other accessories, you have a whole lot of options to choose from and that’s why a bit of research is necessary.

Here are 5 modern designs to give you an Eldorado experience anytime you visit the bathroom.


Lighting affects the feeling and aura in the bathroom. Keep it simple and surreal to create a nice atmosphere. Natural light is often the best. If your bathroom is located where there is access to natural light, use semi-opaque vinyl to maximize the lamination advantage.

Fixtures and vanities

Your choice of design for bathroom fixtures are another important facelift your bathroom can get. From the tubs to the faucets, vanities and countertops. To get a classic look in your bathroom, freestanding tubs are one option you should consider. As the name implies, they are able to stand alone and can be positioned in any part of the bathroom as suits your arrangement.

There are freestanding tub reviews online that can guide you to the best available models suitable for your bathroom. The vanities should also be well tended to. Exquisite furniture made from wood, glass etc. is desirable. Countertops made from materials such as ceramic tiles or quartz will create an elegant atmosphere for your bathroom.

Bathroom Colors

One essential branch of aesthetics is colors. The mere sight of a well-coloured bathroom is appealing to the senses. One effect of colors is that it can dampen your mood on one hand and can enliven your mood on the other hand. Before making a decision on your bathroom’s colour(s), you should be aware of what colors the main elements will be so as to create a perfect blend. Try using neutral colors. White often symbolizes cleanliness and can be combined with other colors to create different effects.

Walls and floorings

In tandem with colors, are walls and flooring designs. Ceramic tiles are often the preferred option in most cases. This is not surprising as they are easy to clean and maintain. You can break off the pack by using wallpapers for the walls. As for the floors, wood and glass are good options to explore. A glass floor with a fountain underneath will give your bathroom a royal appearance.


A splendid idea to explore in this age is to go green. Introduce some naturalness into your bathroom by bringing in table-size plants. Use environment-friendly fixtures such as low-flow toilets, motion-sensing lighting and faucets (to reduce energy consumption and water wastage), amongst others.

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