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7 Mistakes To Avoid During a Bathroom Remodel

Completing a bathroom remodel in Houston is not taken lightly. Updating a bathroom with quality finishes comes at a relatively high cost, with homeowners wanting to get the highest return on investment possible. We hear a lot on home renovation TV shows about the need to get a high ROI for resale values, but this is not the most popular reason for updating bathrooms. Statista reports most homeowners finally have the means to update their bathroom and choose to do so. Avoiding some common mistakes is easy when you understand the problems homeowners have made in the past.

1. Large Fixtures in Small Bathrooms

One of the biggest problems homeowners face when they are planning a bathroom remodel in Houston is choosing fixtures that are too large for the available space. In many bathrooms, the available space will be around 70 inches, with homeowners choosing to fill the area with a freestanding tub of 60 inches. 

Sticking to a few simple rules will make all the difference in providing affordable luxury in your bathroom. Reputable designers plan for a space of at least one foot at the end of a bathtub for easy cleaning access.

2. Installing a Bidet

The bidet has made a comeback with some of the most fashionable home designers recently. The problem with the bidet is that it is usually as large as a toilet and needs a lot of space. Installing a bidet can be a good option, but the bathroom space needs to be large enough for it to fit correctly. 

Installing a bidet needs to be done with a few simple rules in mind. Firstly, do not place your bidet too close to the toilet and make users feel enclosed by fixtures. Secondly, a minimum distance of 18-inches should separate these fixtures. 

3. Ensure Proper Ventilation

The issue of ventilation is a tough one to face for those with smaller bathrooms. Ventilation draws damp air out of your bathroom to help minimize the bubbling of paint and the buildup of condensation. In bathrooms where condensation is left unchecked, the onset of mold and mildew are guaranteed. 

The latest ventilation technology includes the use of fixtures with 15-minute timers. An outdated ventilator will turn off with the switch regardless of the moisture in a bathroom. The latest building codes include the requirement for a 15-minute timer on all bathroom ventilators to reduce moisture buildup. 

4. Mixing Materials

HGTV reports a commonly seen mistake is the use of too many materials in a bathroom. The latest trend for homeowners considering a bathroom remodel in Houston is to divide their rooms into usable zones. Even though a room needs to be functional, the desire to use different materials for each zone is hard to resist. By including several types of wood, metal, and tile, a home bathroom can quickly resemble a hardware store sample shelf. 

By maintaining the simple rule of using no more than two types of metal, wood, or paint colors in a bathroom, a homeowner can easily avoid this problem.

5. The View From the Door

What do you want to see when you open your bathroom door? A mistake made by many homeowners is to have your door open to a view of the toilet. One of the least attractive fixtures in your bathroom is your toilet, which can be a jarring first view for a visitor. 

To avoid spoiling the first impression of your bathroom, a reputable designer can help with your plan. The plan should include seeing your bathtub or shower when you first enter the bathroom. Placing the toilet behind the door or moving it to a different room will help make your guests feel more comfortable. 

6. Getting the Lighting Right

Lighting is a problematic aspect of bathroom design. In older homes, the bathroom is literally the smallest room in the house, meaning dull lighting makes space feel smaller. 

Dull lighting issues can be avoided with simple lighting techniques, including small inset lights above the shower. Bathtubs and showers need to be lit well to allow your guests to use them with ease. Around a vanity, a wall sconce limits the number of shadows cast on the face.

7. Do Not Expose Plumbing

When the time comes to sell your home, any exposed plumbing will be a turn-off for potential buyers. Affordable luxury should be the keyword for your bathroom remodel, with exposed plumbing destroying the illusion of the bathroom as an oasis of calm. 

The simple answer to exposed plumbing is to work with high-quality contractors who will find ways of hiding pipes from view. 

The biggest mistake a homeowner can make when remodeling a bathroom is to dive into the project without proper planning. By planning for the potential problems you face, the project will move along faster and have fewer issues in the future.