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A Deal on Durability: A Look at mDesign Home Decor’s Home Furnishing Future

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It was a daring and innovative marketing idea formulated by founder Bob Immerman to offer mDesign home furnishing products exclusively on digital sales platforms and online marketplaces, long before digital marketplaces became the shopping magnets they are today, that has laid the durable building blocks upon which his digitally-native home decor business grows. Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target and so many more continue to expand, pushing mDesign to reach new sales heights serving more and more shoppers. 

With 40 years of leadership in the home décor field, Bob Immerman focused his experience on building a growth model that bypassed retailers. Immerman’s brick-and-mortar focused company, InterDesign, provided an ideal basis for producing new product lines every year. While many pieces each season received consideration from retail giants, only a few gained the distribution that he knew they deserved. His courageous decision led to lasting durability in online sales and created a worldwide market that thrives on business savvy, innovation, and creativity.

Developing Growth Strategy for the Digital Online Marketplace

The originality of offering Bob Immerman’s entire product line digitally was the strategic and central key to mDesign’s hyper-quick growth across Amazon’s marketplace. mDesign sales very quickly outpaced that of its brick-and-mortar companion company, InterDesign. The experiment in innovative go-to-market strategy began to pay off. As a reliable outlet for stylish home décor products that provided solutions for customer needs, mDesign flourished on Amazon and other digital outlets. Amazon’s statistics rank mDesign’s MetroDecor brand as #4 out of over 12,000 3rd party sellers  in the United States. The opportunity to sell directly to discerning customers who demanded quality and originality provided the durable business model that Immerman envisioned at the outset. Amazon’s worldwide markets in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, Canada and the U.K. offer the company tremendous outreach. Growth plans include expanding internationally to reach consumers in Australia, Scandinavia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and many more, as well as expanding into additional retailer marketplaces.

Incorporating Function with Form

In only five years, mDesign achieved an exceptional acceptance level that produced an extremely high number of customer reviews in the Amazon Marketplace. The consolidation of original designs with features that appeal to style-conscious customers has resulted in products that directly enhance a home’s ambiance while offering convenience and practicality. Products capitalize on consumers’ desire for the peacefulness that comes from organization and the absence of clutter. Customers can find pleasing and functional designs for every room in the home with products that make better use of space in a small bathroom, a fully stocked food cabinet, a home office, or a child’s playroom. 

Shopping online during the pandemic offers a simple way to find products that improve life quality without leaving home. 
mDesign’s product line includes items that family pets will enjoy, table settings for both elegant and casual dining experiences, and even custom furniture that allows people to truly relax into a comfortable lifestyle. With a deep and integral understanding of customer preferences, Bob Immerman and the mDesign creative team incorporate function as a basic part of form to meet the business objectives and sales numbers they challenge themselves to reach every month.

MDesign’s Growth Model is Simple and Effective

The goal of providing products that uncomplicate the lives of customers drives mDesign to develop a brand that can and is already experiencing hypergrowth. Essential factors that contribute to a remarkable growth pattern since 2015 include focused and diligent planning, consistently  high-quality product with many color and size choices, and widespread acceptance and appreciation from customers who share shopping recommendations with others. In combination with mDesign home decor’s exceptional business practices, they have created the perfect storm within which a brand can achieve an extraordinary level of growth in a very limited time period.

Access to digital markets through major retailers such as Walmart, Target, and eBay contributes to the success that mDesign enjoys on Amazon. European customers may enjoy shopping on eBay International in the coming days. Immerman’s leadership in the home décor field reflects his attuned acumen in assessing trends, and his consistent success positions him as a trendsetter. With four decades of exceptional growth in a highly competitive market, he adheres to a commitment to meet ever-changing demands for creative, innovative, and affordable stylings for your home.

mDesign Global is Expanding Outreach with New Leadership 

From a pinnacle of success in the digital marketplace, the mDesign leadership team assessed the need in August 2020 to expand into worldwide markets with a new chief executive officer. With more than 25 years as a retail general manager and leadership experience across many functions including digital & e-commerce, customer experience, merchandising, planning, marketing, creative, analytics, and store management,  Stacey Renfro brings innovative expertise for creating initiatives that improve sales, performance, and the bottom line. With a leadership role at Pier 1 Imports,  where she grew the e-commerce business from $30 million to more than $450 million in only five years, she proved that her vision and guidance produced serious results. Other companies that benefited from her skills and leadership include HSN, JCPenney, Old Navy, OshKosh B’Gosh, and Sears.

As the newly-appointed CEO of mDesign Global, Renfro intends to elevate brand recognition and expand both internationally as well as into new domestic marketplaces while continuing to design an exemplary line of home furnishings and storage options that further promote and distinguish the mDesign product lines. 

The remarkable achievements by Founder Bob Immerman and CEO Stacey Renfro bode well for offering customers around the world access to a business model that companies may wish to emulate. mDesign on Amazon presents a complete product line, and mDesign Home Décor gives customers access to amazing stylings for every moment in your home. mDesign offers its customer base the durability of exceptional products and, in turn, offer themselves the bright prospect of years upon years of continual and progressively faster growth.

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