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A Guide to Interstate Relocation in the US

The USA is a huge country and while moving house is always a stressful experience, moving to another state can be incredibly challenging, even for a veteran house mover. Whether moving from the north to the south, or east to west, there’s a lot of distance to cover with an interstate move and the best way to go about such a mammoth relocation is to enlist the services of an established interstate removals company.

Interstate Removals

Whether to help you move from New York to Florida or Las Vegas to Washington, you are advised to contact a leading removalist that handles interstate projects, as they have the experience and more importantly, the resources to handle such a project. When looking for companies to quote, don’t expect a price over the phone; the removalist needs to know exactly what items are included in the move, plus details of the final destination in order to calculate the distance involved. He would also prefer to see images of the destination property, to ensure there are no unforeseen obstacles, including images of every room in the house.

Set Aside One Day

Arrange for the removal contractor to come to your house and make sure you have a comprehensive inventory prepared, as this is something to contractor will ask for. Certain items such as pianos, grandfather clocks and large antiques need to be inspected and when the removalist is happy with the inventory, he will talk about the destination and dates. After that meeting, you can expect to receive a quotation within a few hours; there is a lot for the contractor to consider, manpower, fuel, time and route, to name but a few things he needs to take into account. Once you have an agreement, dates need to be confirmed and the earlier you can do that, the better, as essential resources can be booked.

National Carrier

The majority of US removalists that offer an interstate service specialise in one particular region, east to west, north to south, as they would have depots at both ends, making it much easier to relocate long distances. Having essential resources spread across the country really does make a difference, especially with secure storage space, as often a relocation has to be carried out in stages, as the new property is yet to be prepared for habitation. A national carrier can probably do the job for the best price for that very reason, so choosing a larger company is a win-win. If you are moving to Miami, there are some great real estate investment opportunities in this part of Florida.

Comprehensive Insurance

A lot could happen on a long interstate journey and there are a number of ways, namely road, rail and air and the removalist would be able to meet the client’s requirements, especially regarding insurance. Relocating a grand piano is far from easy and the contractor would be fully insured against every eventuality, plus the interstate removalist works to a system and has the equipment necessary for long-haul complex relocations.


Heavy works of art and antique furniture demand specialist crating, which the interstate removalist can do when required. They would supply all the packing materials and handle the packing, which ensures a safe journey and when unpacking, they use a color code for different rooms in the house.

Sea Containers

This is the professional way for an interstate move, with 20 and 40-foot units that are loaded by industry professionals, which ensures a safe journey. The containers can be picked up by a grab on the truck, can be shipped by rail or even by air, and with a universal system, containers never move around. Any interstate removal company that doesn’t use containers should be avoided, as this is the safest way to transport anything.

Secure Storage

A national interstate removals company would have depots all over the US and their units are very affordable, so if you have to leave your current home and wait a few weeks before you get the keys to your new home, the removalist has you covered. Your prized possessions will be secure until you are ready to make the move, with manned security 24/7 and access anytime you need. Click here for US Federal Government information about removal contractors.

Customer Testimonials

You simply can’t beat customer reviews and the more there are, the better. People who have used the service and are very happy, leave comments on their website and this gives you peace of mind. If you think the quote is rather high, call in another contractor and get a comparison price; it should be mentioned that price should never be the main focus when looking to move to another state, rather you need to be sure that the removalist knows what he is doing.

There are specialist interstate removalists out there and we hope that the above information will help you as you plan the next exciting chapter of your life.

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