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Almost a Third of Brits Would Rather Share Their Bed with their PET Over Their Partner, Survey Reveals

A new survey has shed light on how much British people really do love their pets

Almost one in four people would rather share their bed with their pet over their partner, a new study by Willow & Hall has revealed.

A study of 1,000 people asked various questions about their homely habits including if they tucked their pet into bed and if their pet has their own armchair or sofa spot.

They found that 48% of people would greet their pet first over their partner, whilst 40% of people admitted to tucking their pet into bed before going to sleep themselves.

Getting a Cat Out of Your Bed

Removing your pets from the bed is not an easy task.

“If you suddenly shut a cat out of the bedroom, they can get very frustrated and start displaying destructive behaviour.”

Cats don’t react well if you take away territory. Try giving kitty foraging toys to play with that feed her kibble, or put a cat condo by a window with a light outside.

“All the moths and bugs flying around the light right outside that window is like reality TV for cats.”

Meanwhile, almost 1 in 4 people (24.8%) admitted they would rather share their bed with their pet over their partner, and over half of those surveyed said their pet has their own spot on the sofa.

Most shockingly, 3 in 5 people (60%) revealed they’ve actually let their pet share food off of their plate, allowing their pets to really live like kings.

Within many UK homes, there are huge debates as to whether or not pets should be allowed in the bed, never mind if the owner would rather share the bed with their pet or partner. The majority of respondents to our poll revealed they prefer sharing a bed with their partner, with just over 75% saying this. It may still be surprising to discover that over 24% of respondents admitted to preferring to share their bed with their pet.

You might assume that sharing food with pets is where many people draw the line, but in fact, this isn’t the case. A surprising 60% of people we surveyed revealed they have shared food with their pet, compared to only 40% who said they haven’t. These results alone go to show just how much our pets really do mean to some people.

Hannah, Senior Marketing Manager at Willow & Hall, says “For many people, their pet isn’t just a companion but is part of the family. And there’s often debates over what boundaries to put in place for our pets including feeding them off of your plate or allowing them on the sofas and beds with you.

This study provides us with a glimpse into how far people are willing to go to ensure their pets feel comfortable and loved, with some even choose their pet over their partner for a bed companion!” To see the full survey results, visit their page here.

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