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Apps for Your Home Improvement

When starting a home improvement project, people can now pull out their phone and download apps that help them along the way. Now, there are many apps that can help create an easy project and reduce the stress. These apps can do so many jobs for you from beginning to end. Consider the following to download for the job.

First, there is the Handy Man DIY app, which is a calculator for many things including the square feet of a room, cost estimations, and wall-to-wall lengths. This app allows users to access plenty of tips to help stay on track during the project. Users can also make a list of items needed for a shopping list through the app and features videos for common house projects. (Only available on iTunes) Then, there is ColorSnap, which helps pick out the right color for the home. Developed by Sherwin-Williams, this has a large selection of colors that provides so many options of what the wall can be painted as. The app has photo color match, paint preview, and color palette creating, all for free on iTunes and Google Play.

Next, Home Design 3D allows the power to create a 3D model of the home to test renovation ideas. A 3D model gives a more specific view for users to visualize what they want from the project. Before you can start working, you can already see what it will look like. This app is also free to download. For exact measuring, download Ruler 2 which features a pointer to drag along point to point the item being measures. It measures in both US and metric units and can save your other measurements. This app is on iTunes.

But, what about staying in style? With Dream Home, you see the latest trends in interior design and provides access to high quality pictures of these designs that can inspire. This includes bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and backyards. It is much easier to choose when you see how something looks in another place. It is not available on iTunes; only via Google Play. Also consider the Home Depot app Paint Tester and Bright Nest as part of your collection of apps to use during work.

You phone becomes its own Swiss knife with all of these apps to download for free or for a small price. Apple and Android friendly, these apps allow you to have in store connections to notable hardware/home improvement stores that let people to also see their products right on their phone also. Get an online coupon code to buy the app or download for a free trial of it. Using the phone is the obvious way to cut down on stress and trips to see what you want and these apps now add a layer of reality where you can see what the room will look like with the color and the furniture. The home improvement, either big or small, will be perfect when you finish because of these helpful apps.