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Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Toilet?

Your toilets are guaranteed to last a long time when you take care of them properly. When you don’t treat them well, they are more likely to give you maintenance troubles, break at inopportune times and cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Find out all of the major mistakes and oversights that you could be making with your bathroom toilets.
You Are Flushing the Wrong Things Down There 
A toilet should not be treated like a trash disposal unless you want to damage the appliance. Soon enough, you will notice that the toilet is severely clogged, sending overflowing dirty water onto the floor. If it is no match for a plunger, you need to call a professional to come over to your house and deal with the problem.The plumber will use a drain snake or a rooter machineto clear the clog so that your family can use the bathroom once again — you can visit Morrison Plumbing & Mechanical to learn more about their expert services like drain cleaning, drain repair, sewer camera inspection and toilet installation. To take care of your plumbing and avoid clogs, make note of all of the items you shouldn’t flush down a toilet like sanitary pads and baby wipes — human waste, toilet paper and water are the main things that pipes are meant to handle.
 You Aren’t Cleaning the Whole Toilet 
This is one of the common bathroom mistakes people make because they scrub the bowl of the toilet and they forget to deal with all of the other parts where dust, waste and bacteria can collect. It’s important to wipe down the back of the toilet and the tank, which can be covered with grime if left alone for too long. The handle is another spot that people tend to forget about during their household chores — even if people wash their hands after they flush, clean it with an antibacterial wipe every once in a while.
You Aren’t Drying The Toilet Brush After Using It 
You are the type that is eager to clean every inch of your house when you have enough time to spare, but you can still make one of the most disgusting bathroom mistakes without realizing it. You are using a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the bowl and then putting it back into its holder while it is still dripping. The moisture will make it the perfect place for bacteria to grow and undermine its abilities as a cleaning tool. What you should do is rinse it after its use and dry it over the toilet bowl by sticking the handle under the lid and locking it in place.
You will wish you had stopped sending baby wipes down the toilet when it breaks down in the middle of the weekend, and you will wish you cleaned it well when guests visit your house for dinner. Ignoring these problems can lead to annoying or embarrassing circumstances that you will want to avoid altogether.