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Brilliant Patio Improvements You Need To Try This Summer

This is the time of year to head outside to sit in a lounge chair and take in the sunshine or invite friends over for icy drinks and plates of smoky barbeque. It’s also an opportune moment to upgrade the patio so that you can truly appreciate the space, whether you are using it for a private relaxation spot or as a venue for a lively social gathering.


Update Your Doors

If you have old, broken or worn-down doors leading to your back patio, you should consider purchasing upgrades for the summer. A set of exquisite garden doors or sleek sliding patio doors will be welcome additions during patio season because they make for convenient exits, show off a breathtaking view of the outdoors and create a sense of loftiness. Get your updated back entry doors from an experienced company like Casa Bella Windows & Doors — they have been manufacturing and installing high-quality window and door replacements for over sixty years. Their upgrades offer a variety of decorative transoms, sidelites, doorlites, grilles and frame colour options for you to choose from so that the entry point can be as bold and unique as your personal style. They will also include practical energy-efficient and low-maintenance features, to guarantee that you will be comfortable indoors if the summer heat becomes unbearable.


Grow Your Garden

There are several simple ways that you can incorporate more plant-life into your back patio — you can line the deck with shrubs, attach herb gardens and flower boxes to railings or hang planters from the ceiling. You can even start a vertical garden along the wall using repurposed furniture like shelving units or dresser drawers. Blossoms are seasonal, so choose the best summer flowers for your design change like dahlias, irises, daisies, lavender, asters, daylilies and coneflowers.Add some unexpected décor to the area by upcycling objects into planters like printed teapots, painted tin cans, shiny mason jars, old watering cans and picnic baskets — these unexpected items will catch the attention of anyone who steps out onto the deck.


Spruce Up Your Deck

Your deck can go through a lot of wear and tear from harsh temperatures, frequent rain and scraping furniture — by the time summer rolls around, the deck will need some maintenance and a makeover. A few coats of stain will bring out the richness of the wood grain and make the entire space look brand-new. Or you can transform the patio completely by learning how to paint your deck and add a dramatic pop of colour like fire-engine red, Kelly green or sunset orange along the floor, the steps and the railings. While soft pastels or crisp whites will be lovely, remember that they will show dirt quicker than darker shades.


Updated glass doors, pots of seasonal flowers and a few cans of paint are all you need to have a brilliant summer space. You will be instantly thankful that you made these changes whenever you host a party, throw a barbeque or simply unwind by yourself.