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California Home Updates to Consider Making

Many of us have a little extra time on our hands now that the world has slowed down due to the pandemic. We’re working from home, and that often means we’re more observant of what our home looks and feels like.

Rather than spending just half the day in the house, we’re spending close to 24 hours. That gives you a lot of time to think about the type of changes that need to be made, either for safety or convenience. If you’re ready to do more than just think about those changes and make them instead, here are 5 home updates you can make right now.

Update Your Home Water Systems

Many California homes still use outdated and wasteful water systems.  But there are devices such as a tankless water heater or whole-house recirculation system that can increase your home’s energy efficiency through your use of hot water.

Now is the perfect time to make upgrades to your home water systems, especially if your water heater is eight or more years old and will need replacing soon. A water heater company in Carpinteria can help you make any upgrades needed in your home’s water systems.

Test Your Alarms

When was the last time you checked to see if all your alarms work? Testing your fire alarm is the first thing you should do. Be ready to replace batteries and clean the speakers so you get a good blast when it goes off.

You should also check your home security systems for any software updates that are needed. You may need to update your system entirely and look for a newer, better model if your current system is over a decade old. Check your motion sensors for their response times as well.

Replace the Gutters

We often get excited about changing the visible parts of our home every 10 years, pieces such as carpets, sofas, and technology. But what about gutters? Yeah, those plastic things that crown your home. If you can see cracks or bits missing from your gutters, it’s time to replace them. Gutters should normally be replaced about every 15 years, so if your house has been around for a decade or two, give your gutters a check-up to see if they’re still doing their job or if they need an upgrade.

Declutter Before It Gets Out of Hand

Our home has also become our office now that we all work from home. Your first mission for the fall is to clean every space of things that are just lying around and taking up room.

Consider taking a day to just go through the home and declutter the home from top to bottom. You never know what treasures (or travesties) you could find that are better brought to light than hidden behind little-used piles of belongings.

Change Your Bathroom Extractor Fans

Extraction fans will be used a lot during the fall, as we keep windows shut as we shower and bathe. So, change the fans now, getting rid of any dust, debris, and cobwebs in the process. The steam in the bathroom will quickly leave the room and keep things warm but not so muggy.

This is your chance. Now that you’re at home more often, it’s the perfect time to make some small (and maybe big) changes. Doing just one of these things when it’s needed can increase the quality of your home and life.

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