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Converting Your Basement into Living Space: Ways It Can Come In Handy

Right now, the basement serves no real purpose other than housing the water heater. It also ends up being a catchall for things that you haven’t used in years. Rather than allowing the space to go unused, why not look into the benefits of secondary suites that were once basement spaces? Here are some examples of how you can utilize that extra living space to best effect. 

The Perfect Guest Suite

It’s possible to transform a basement into a space that includes living space, sleeping space, a full bath, and even a kitchenette. Think of how nice that would be if you have loved ones come to stay for a long weekend. Everyone can still spend as much time together as they like,  and your guests have space where they can be comfortable. If they like to get up earlier than you do, that’s no problem. The same is true if they tend to be night owls. All of you can enjoy the weekend without feeling the need to adjust things so no one is inconvenienced. 

A Bedroom for Your Eldest Child

Your kids currently share their rooms with siblings. That’s worked well most of the time, but your eldest would really like to have his or her own space. Transforming the basement into a nice bedroom is a great idea. Your eldest gets to have some private space, things are more peaceful around the house, and everyone is happier with the sleeping arrangements. 

Or a Suite for Your Mom or Dad

Another point to ponder is what happens when an elderly loved one comes to live with you. Assuming that stairs are not a problem, converting the basement into a suite is a great choice. Mom or Dad is close enough for you to check on, everyone still shares meals and other time together, and your loved one has the opportunity to enjoy some alone time when the mood strikes. 

You might even consider adding an exterior entrance for the suite. Have it open onto the back garden so your loved one can get up in the morning and have a cup of coffee while making the most of the morning breeze and the different blooms and plants that are part of the landscaping. 

It Can Even Be a Way to Make Some Extra Money

While the Markham basement conversion can be about creating more space for loved ones, there’s another possibility to consider. A basement can be transformed into an ideal studio apartment. This would allow you to take in a renter and generate some additional income. By adding an outside entrance, the tenant can come and go without having to enter the house at all. Assuming you find the right tenant, this could be a great way to boost your income for quite a few years. 

Why allow the basement to continue going to waste? Think about how you could have some work done and convert it into space that serves one or multiple purposes. Once it’s actually used for something the first time, there will be no doubt that the time, effort, and expense was worth it.