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Detailed Water Heater Information And Types

Thanks to technological advancements through the years, there are many different types of water heaters available to today’s homeowners. Buyers can choose from a wide selection of water heaters ranging from natural gas, propane, electric, solar, condensation and heat pump powered variants. And while water heaters simply use energy to heat water before supplying it throughout the house as needed, each of these options achieves varying levels of energy efficiency, at different levels of activity and is therefore suited to different users.  

While there are many different types of water heaters as mentioned above, conventional and tankless systems are two of the most popular options. Read on below for more water heater information and types.  

Conventional/Traditional/Tank Water Heaters 

Perfectly suited to home owners who have an accurate estimate of their household’s daily hot water requirements, tank water heaters are designed to heat water in a tank; the water remains there until it is needed. Since the water is held in the tank, the amount of hot water that is available depends on the size/capacity of the tank. The tank is well-insulated to ensure that the water inside remains hot for an extended period after it is heated. These tanks also feature two valves, one designed to regulate temperature while the other one regulates pressure.  

With proper maintenance, biannual removal of mineral scale and sediment buildup, these heaters can remain in service for up to 12 years. 

Some of the main selling points of conventional water heaters revolve around the fact that they tend to be affordable and easy to install. 

On the flip side, tank water heaters also suffer from some glaring drawbacks. For instance, the amount of hot water available is limited by the size of the tank. When this hot water runs out you will have to wait for the heater to heat up another tank; something that usually takes a lot of time –up to an hour or longer depending on the size. 

Tankless Water Heaters 

These water heaters found at on the other hand are designed to provide users with an endless supply of hot water, on demand. The water to be supplied is passed through super-heated coils, heating it up instantly. As such, these heaters a great option for large families that require a lot of hot water at once. However, to ensure that all buyers can find their perfect fit, different sizes are available to meet different hot water requirements.

Tankless water heaters have an average lifespan of up to 10 years with proper maintenance. Yearly cleaning is recommended to prevent corrosion and remove any accumulated mineral scale.  

In comparison to tank water heaters, the tankless variety requires higher upfront costs. 


As a home owner, it is best for you to familiarize yourself with important water heater information and types before making a final selection. In addition to the above information, you also need to have a clear idea of your family’s hot water needs on a daily basis as well as your home’s energy requirements to ensure that you end up choosing the right water heater.