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Enhance Your Home with Universal Furniture

The U.S. furniture industry’s steady growth is proof that this booming business is here to stay. In 2018, consumer spending on furniture had reached $114.2.

This means the furniture-making sector in America is a progressive endeavor.

However, some furniture businesses that thrived in the Land of the Free are outsourced in China and this had opened doors to Asian furniture-making influence as well. And that’s where Universal Furniture started.

This revered brand has been at the forefront of the furniture industry in America. Creating beautiful and elegant designs with reliability in mind, the company aims to make waves in this sector through the coming years.

Universal Furniture: Quality Furniture for Your Home

Your home should be a haven where you feel safe, comfortable, and satisfied.

When decorating your home with different furniture pieces, it’s hard to pick the right brand due to so many flourishing companies in the market. But one name that emerges at the top is Universal Furniture.

The company is a brand of Samson Holdings and focuses on not only function but also lifestyle. Therefore, they strive to create stunning pieces that cater to every homeowner’s demands, while still looking elegantly stylish.

Since 1968, the company has been at the top of their game delivering ultimate customer service and high-quality pieces fit for any home.

Whether you’re looking for a bedroom, living, dining, and upholstery furnishings for your home, the brand has everything.

Choosing furniture for your home is sometimes a turn-off due to hefty price tags. However, Universal had learned how to adapt to changing market trends and consumer behavior.

Though they had initially outsourced their production in China, they have found a way to bring cheap labor costs in America.

That said, any home dweller can enjoy high-quality furniture at 20 to 30 percent lower than the competitors in the market. There is also no need to look further for home furnishings as Universal provides every furnishing suitable for any home.

The company boasts of any home furniture styles with strong specialties in transitional, contemporary, modern, and traditional designs. The brand also takes pride in a sophisticated appeal in every collection.

In terms of quality, Universal sources its materials from top suppliers in many various countries.

Moreover, the company takes pride in working with only the top craftsmen and designers to ensure quality is of the essence. Some of Universal’s top furniture collections are Berkeley Collection and California Collection.

Universal Furniture’s To the Trade Program

Searching and buying furniture for your home is now made easy, simple, and affordable through Universals To the Trade program.

You no longer have to search high and low for the perfect pieces for your home, you can now access and scan through many high-quality and high-style furniture and furnishings from one virtual space.

The To the Trade program is perfect for every home dweller who has a tight schedule and can’t afford to jump from one marketplace to another in search of beautiful pieces.

By signing up for a To the Trade account, members are eligible for a 20-percent on all Universal products with a minimum order of $2,000.

Look no further when choosing furniture for your home, signing up for the To the Trade program provides a myriad of benefits you can’t find elsewhere:

  • Hassle-free ordering at your fingertips from your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Order as little or as much furniture pieces
  • Grab free shipping offers without using any promo codes
  • Fast shipping within 14 days, regardless of the size

To the Trade, members will also be able to set up their iStore’s one-stop-shop virtual management platform for shopping. This makes it easier to check availability or monitor previous orders.

With the To the Trade program, beautifying your home is convenient, smart, and cost-efficient.

Final Words

If you want a reliable furniture company, there is no other option but Universal Furniture. Don’t settle for less and compromise quality. When it comes to your beautiful home, you want only the best and the most innovative furniture pieces.