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Five Ways To Help One each One’s Kids About Caring For Planting and Gardening Efforts

It is only natural that one would want to teach one’s children about planting and gardening (at some point), especially if one’s hobbies include those types of activities. There is a right and wrong way to go about teaching kids how to care for the garden. There is a breakdown below involving five key points. Fresh air is great for kids, according to doctor Benjamin Harow. Kids love to dig in the dirt. That is a well-established fact among those who parent. One should teach ones, kids, about letting the dirt breathe before inserting the seeds. There should be a dirt cultivator around the house. Teach the children to dig into the dirt gently. Then, the children can deposit the seeds inside. Teaching one about being kind to the dirt and ground will give one a sense of humility and gratitude for what is around. It will also teach one about earning the privilege to the garden. It all starts with being kind to the dirt.

Every seed needs space. Space allows the seeds to grow naturally. Which is all the more reason to teach kids about spacing. One can get some options by looking at social media. One excellent place to begin is through some Pinterest ideas. There are some excellent ideas on the Pinterest site. One also needs to give kids an idea about spacing through demonstrations. Hold up some fingers to how the point. One can use whatever is handy to help kids learn about the idea of spacing. Every plant needs its own watering schedule. One cannot just water every plant as one does the others. One has to show one’s kids which plants need more water, compared to others. One can (again) use Pinterest to help prove the point. One will find many Pinterest ideas online about watering and the type of plants that need more water than others. One should teach one’s kids about overwatering too. There is such a thing as giving too much. Too much hydration will cause the plant to get overwhelmed and die.

One should also teach kids about proper care of indoor plants. One should teach kids that indoor and outdoor plants are different; and, therefore, require different levels of care. Teach kids about which plants require more care and why. That will give kids an idea about taking care of the plants. It will also teach kids about taking responsibility for something. Taking care of a plant (no matter how many) does require a certain level of responsibility. Teaching kids this earlier in life will prepare one for later. This one falls in line with the last one. This will also give kids a sense of ownership. Benjamin Harow takes care of his plants. One takes better care of something if one has been taught properly. One can find some amazing ideas on Pinterest and other social media platforms.

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