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Frank Karkazis – Asphalt Expert

Frank Karkazis – FGK Services Inc.

It’s summertime and it’s the busiest time of the year for our Asphalt Expert Frank Karkazis, owner of FGK Services located in the Chicago suburbs. Founded in 2013 FGK Services specializes in a number of different areas such as; Asphalt & Concrete, Carpet & Floor Cleaning, Floor Waxing, Brick Paving, Roofing and Commercial & Residential Painting.

Today, we’ll be focusing on Asphalt Repair Services. Frank recently did an interview on and we’ll be posting the info he shared below.

  • Homeowners will know if their driveway needs to be seal-coated if the asphalt looks porous and gray, along with brittleness which could lead to cracking. Cracking in the driveway would also be a very noticeable and alarming sign
  • Patching and resealing are no longer an option when you can visibly see potholes and crumbling asphalt. You might even see the ground underneath showing through which means that the asphalt has worn out.
  • The thought process is very different for parking lots. It is too expensive to seal coat a parking lot every year! However, it is very wise and inexpensive to use rubber melted caulk filler in parking lot cracks to prevent water from getting underneath the lot. Accumulation of moisture will create more cracks than before and they will get larger in the winter with freezing temperatures. I affectionately refer to this rubber melted caulk filler as black snakes. I highly recommend sealcoating a driveway at least every other year. Although, if you are using a snow plow service that has a metal blade scraping along the top of the driveway, then actually every year.
  • The material I use for both parking lots and driveways is called Black Diamond Coal Tar Emulsion Premix. I can proudly say that there is NO WATER added to my mixture! We stand out from the rest because while other companies water down their product in order to make more money by stretching out the volume in their sealing tanks, we do not. If you have your driveway re-sealed and the color starts fading after a few months, someone has taken advantage of you. There are so many different price quotes out in the marketplace and that is one major reason. I must stress how important it is to go with a reputable asphalt seal coater.
  • Summer is the best time because the absorption into the hot asphalt is ideal. The hot asphalt becomes like a sponge and if the work is done using the right material and spread by hand, the job will go well and the customer will be very happy.

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