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Get Your Home Ready For Autumn In 4 Easy Steps

There are many things that you can do around the house while it’s still warm out to make sure that your home is safeguarded for the fall months. It’s important to take steps to keep your home running on a low level of energy in order to save your family money and lower your home’s impact on the environment. Follow the four steps below to get your home ready for fall.

Feel for Drafts

How often do you check your windows? Are smudges and dust buildup keeping the light from warming your space? Are the windows letting in a draft? Keeping your house sealed is the key to saving energy and checking for leaks that are coming through windowsis an easy way to improve the efficiency of your home’s central air.

Caulking Windows

After identifying leaks throughout the house, you’ll need to seal the windows up. Luckily, fixing cracks in window caulking doesn’t cost much and can be done very easily, but you will need to set aside some time to remove the old caulking and for the new filling to dry. Taking the time to fill in these cracks while it’s still warm out will make a world of difference before the air outside cools down.

Take Time out for Furnace Maintenance

You may want to investigate the efficiency of your HVAC system in order to reduce energy consumption as fall approaches. When is the last time you checked how your furnace is running? When did you last change the filters? When you think you’re ready to do some long-term planning for your family, it’s easy to find a provider that participates in rebate rewards programs, and many furnace repair and maintenance services come with detailed home assessments, which means they can help you find the unit best suited to the particulars of your home before you commit to a purchase. A new unit is helpful to the environment and your family, as you can save hundreds of dollars in energy costs and receive rebates by upgrading to the latest HVAC model.

Install Storm Windows and Doors

Storm doors are often more aesthetically pleasing than a screen door and they add a classic touch to an otherwise bland entryway. Not only do they look great but they have surprising benefits like noise reduction and they allow for greater energy efficiency because they add an extra layer of insulation by preventing air from escaping. Not only do storm doors let natural light enter a room so your family can enjoy the autumn view from the warmth of a loving home, they also add an extra layer of security.

You can incorporate these tips into your fall chore checklist to ensure safety and comfort for your family in the colder months as they go back to school. Not only do these four steps help ensure that your home is running in a way that will save you money, they are a reminder that you are participating in a future of environmentally-friendly and economical energy practices.