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Here’s How You Can Take Care of Your Garage Door In Extreme Climate Conditions

We all know how fluctuating and unpredictable the weather can be. The question to ask yourself is, is your garage door adjusting with the weather? Some days are going to be sunny and humid. With little warning, the following day, the weather could suddenly drop to the 40s. Such temperature fluctuations can have a significant effect on the door of your garage. To defend them from the elements, we all take care of our bodies. We put on sunscreen when it is sunny. We make sure that we put on lip balm and skin lotions when it’s cold and windy to dry out. Shouldn’t we do that with the doors of our garage?

Basic maintenance to tackle unforeseen repairs due to rising and falling temperatures is the safest thing you can do. The frequency of use of garage doors also dictates how often servicing is needed. The more you open and close your garage door, typically referred to as cycles in the business sector, the more periodic upkeep you need. With correct care and maintenance, your garage door can run smoothly and quietly throughout the years.

Follow these tips to keep your garage door protected.

To make sure your garage doors are safe from the unforgiving winter, you need to follow some easy and simple tasks before the cold weather strikes:

Find out the what’s wrong:

Close your garage door and observe the different mechanics from inside the garage. Is the door showing any signs of wear and tear because of the rollers, cables, or springs? The best way to discern this from a layman’s perspective is to frequently open and close your doors and listen for any unusual noises from the door hinges. If so, it’s time to call a professional locksmith service.

Pay attention to lubrication. 

One of the most common problems with doors, in general, is rust and tear due to inadequate lubrication. So, it is important to lubricate the hinges and other metal parts of the garage door to keep its performance smooth. While at it, clean the door hinges and tracks for any dirt and debris that has built up over the months and use a silicone based lubricant for the axles, springs, and rails. 

Check if your door’s rubber sealant has cracks.

It’s common practice for garage doors to have a rubber basis attached to its end that blocks any entry of water and debris into the garage. This weather sealant can deteriorate over time and if you notice this, get it replaced before the winter season strikes.

Check the door sensors and tension.

Checking your garage door’s sensors is extremely important. To do this, you can open your garage door automatically. Then slide a small object from under the door. If the sensors on your door are working fine, then the doors will reverse in this situation. Otherwise, you should probably call a specialist to repair your door’s sensors. 

The tension of your door must always be at an optimal level. If the tension is too much, then the door will open all the way till the end if you open it slightly. If the tension is less, then the door will close completely, of you move the door halfway to the closing point. The right tension amount is necessary for the safety of your car. 

Replacing the garage door rollers:

Garage door rollers are made up of quality metal. During the time, these metal rollers can rust. Due to this, it is necessary that you always put rollers in when the old ones cannot work. You will get to know this as soon as you try to open your garage door. If the door opens smoothly with no noise, then that’s a clue that your rollers are working alright. However, if there is a noise as you open the door, then that means that your door requires new rollers. The garage door rollers can cost as low as $100 and as high as $200. It is best if you change the rollers on time since, over time, the rusted metal can damage other parts of your door as well, which will cost you a huge amount of money. 

Weatherstripping your garage door:

The weatherstripping mats of your garage door is a necessity. During summers, these mats block the hot air from the outside to come into your garage. Due to this, you would not have to put money into buying an air conditioner for your garage. You need to check these mats from time to time since these mats might become weak and damaged. If the mats get damaged, then the seal of the garage door is imperfect, which causes all sorts of particles such as debris and dirt to get into your garage and make your car dirty. The weather seal can be easily replaced with a new one. You can contact a garage door company, and they will send in specialists who will replace your seal in no time.

Spring maintenance and replacement:

An important element in the working of the garage door is its spring. The spring of the door enables the door to open and close smoothly. With time, the spring’s lubrication decreases, and the metals start to rust. The spring then needs to be repaired or changed since a faulty spring can break at any given moment, which can potentially be very risky since your gate will not be standing upright if the springs break. Some people think that they can alter their garage springs by themselves. However, it is best that a professional do this since these can be tricky things and, once done wrong, requires a proper mechanism to be fixed correctly. You can have a connection with a garage door company, and they can easily fix this problem whenever you need them. Therefore, most of the companies are available 24/7 since problems like these require immediate action. 


In conclusion, the garage door is something which, like any part of your house, gets damaged in time and needs proper maintenance procedures. It can get damaged through the environment, the rising temperatures, rain, and so many other elements. That is why it is necessary that you always have a Commercial garage door repair. A company that you can contact. So, be sure to have a garage door company to whom you can contact whenever needed.