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Homemade Gifts That Will Boost Your Dad's Closet

If your father is the type of man who is proud of the clothes he wears and his personal style, you should think about gifting him an addition to his wardrobe. Here is how you can use your creative skills to make him some fashionable presents for this upcomingFather’s Day.
You can base your fashionable homemade gifts on his style, his hobbies and his day-to-day activities. If he’s an outdoorsy type who likes to go for brisk walks or go camping even before the summer hits, you should knit him some comfortable clothing. A thick sweater, a rugged turtleneck or even a chunky pair of yarn socks can help him stay warm during any of these excursions. You can go to the website Yarnspirationsto find free knitting patterns for menswear, along with recommended materials and tools. They also have a wide range of yarn brands, colors, weights and fibers for you to browse through, so you can tailor it perfectly to your father’s taste. With a few simple clicks, you can buy your yarn online instead of making a trip to the store and hoping that they have what you want in stock— your order will beconveniently delivered straight to your doorstep.
If your father is the type to regularly wear a suit and tie, you should consider crafting some homemade versions of accessories like cufflinks and pocket handkerchiefs. Get your hands on some old used cufflinks, insert images or adornments into the mounts, glue the items inside and place protective plastic shields over the tops. One of the best DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that you should think about making is a pair of cufflinks withmap cut-outs as their major adornments — choose locations that are very sentimental to him, like his hometown or his favorite place to travel. Here are a number of other creative ideas that your father may enjoy for his set of handcrafted and customized cufflinks:

  • Cut-outs of sheet music
  • Pictures of family members
  • Artistic buttons
  • Monograms
  • Stones or gems

Instead of letting him put a plain white handkerchief or pocket square in his suit jacket, wash it and give it a little bit of extra pizzazz as a gift — you can do handkerchief embroidery by adding designs like flowers, birds, trees, stars or his full name onto the surface using a needle and thread. For a faster design solution, print a photo on a handkerchief by taking a picture from your computer, printing it out on photo transfer paper and ironing it directly onto the white fabric. Pick a picture that he will really appreciate carrying around in his pocket, like a family portrait or a baby photo.
Instead of getting your father a present that he can only use for a single day, make him something that he can wear over and over again. Anytime he will pull his knit sweater over his head, tighten his crafty cufflinks or look down at his handkerchief, he will think about you.

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