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How a Burglary Alarm Can Give You Peace of Mind

The Uniform Crime Reporting Program has traced 100 years of crime statistics in the United States, and the most recent stats burglary rates were down 2.0%.

  • In 2010, there were an estimated 2,159,878 burglaries—a decrease of 2.0% when compared with 2009 data;
  • Burglaries increased 2.0% in 2010 compared to the 2001 estimate;
  • Burglary account for 23.8 % of the assessed number of property crimes committed in 2010;
  • Of all burglaries, 60.5% caused by forcible entry, 33.2% were illegal entries (no force), and the remainder (6.3%) were forcible entry tries;
  • Victims of home burglary crimes suffered a loss of $4.6 billion in goods in 2010; with the average dollar loss for each burglary offense was $2,119;
  • Burglaries of residential properties account for 73.9% of all burglary crimes.

You also need to take into consideration the area of the country or city that you live in. Large cities seem to have more crimes such as residential burglaries. If you live in an area where burglaries are frequent, you probably have the motivation to get some sort of security system.

Burglar alarms or alerts

Burglar alarms are intended to do just what their name submits; alarm you to any unwanted intruder. These devices or systems work on a simple principle. Once you have armed the device or devices and the border of your property and home is penetrated, a siren or an alarm is triggered. Burglar alarms have been used for generations, some are just home-made booby traps but many are very high-tech. Modern home security systems normally are bundled in an array of burglar alarm devices together with fire and hazard detection.

 Cheap to Expensive

Basic electronic burglar alarm systems are built into the home’s doors and windows as well as other places of entry. A series of metal point of contacts will transmit signals to the main receiver of the alarm if a point of contact is broken – this electric circuit is interrupted. If you have a security system monitored by a security company a simultaneous alarm alert is transmitted to the center where monitoring is done by phone wirelessly or land-line.

The more points of entry that are armed with detectors of intrusion, the more expensive your burglar alarm system will be.

Burglar Alarms and Home Security Systems

Some residential security systems can be quite multifaceted, especially with a system that has multi-layers that includes intrusion detection devices as well as a host of other detectors or monitors such as:

  • Security doors and windows
  • Security bars
  • Glass break detectors
  • Motion sensors inside and out
  • Heating and air monitors
  • Security cameras
  • Communications systems
  • There are common additions to a wide-ranging home security system that offers a cache of protection from intruders

Cost of Installing a Burglar Alarm System

You can easily and very inexpensively rig some tactically placed wireless and electronic devices and havean inexpensive alarm system or DIY home security systems in just a few hours. Security devices such as basic wireless breaking glass sensors that set off an alarm when the magnetic contact breaks, an outdoor or indoor motion detector could frighten some likely intruders. And all of this by doing it yourself will probably cost under $200.


For little more money to pay for peace of mind, you could also buy a basic monthly monitored alarm system from a decent safety company. In some instances, you will find that a basic system installed with no money down and then only the cost of the monthly monitoring service is the best way to go. Services like this are hardwired or wirelessly configured for many window sensors, interior motion detectors, and door sensors together with effective outdoor signs in the yard and stickers for the windows. But you also can add a menu of security devices and this gives you an even greater level of safety.

Top home security systems

A review of the top 8 home security systems was done comparing the following:

  • Plans and packages;
  • Contract terms;
  • Alert and follow-up system;
  • Around the clock reliability.

After comparing eight of the best home monitoring systems in various categories listed above, LiveWatch was the clear Winner. LiveWatch offers the best in its overall package for home security.

The story of LiveWatch

In the mid-1990’s while Kansas paramedic Chris Johnson was serving as the Director of the county EMS system, he saw the status of having fast messages as well as fast times for response with emergencies. He opened LiveWatch in 2002 and brought his passion as well as his experience in a trade that he believed needed help. The security systems during that time were simply inadequate. LiveWatch had a goal to develop an essential home security system that could be inexpensive and available for ordinary families.

LiveWatch currently

Currently, LiveWatch is still carrying out and expanding upon the home vision by developing home security solutions that are innovative such as ASAPer, which is one of the fastest systems for connecting with loved ones during an emergency. These systems are more powerful than they were in 2002, but the goals are still the same and that is treating every client like a member of the family and to make sure they are getting only the simplest and best solutions for individual safety needs.

LiveWatch approach to home security

This company’s approach to home security is:

  • Simple
  • Personalized
  • Affordable
  • Reliable

Everyone needs to have peace of mind, especially in their own home. LiveWatch ensures this peace of mind by offering home security that anyone can be confident in – security that is simple, affordable, personalized and most importantly, reliable.

They developed Plug&Protect which is a perfect marriage of these principles, all in a simple package. And their commitment does not end there – their customer center is award-winning and takes pride in being there serving their clients when needed, so their clients can enjoy and relax whether home or away.

Full home security – one package

Plug&Protect is a professional grade security system that can give you what is needed to have peace of mind that your home is safe from burglars and even more. They pre-configure your system for your home and will send it to you. All you will need to do is unbox, plug in and activate. This has security for outside doors plus indoor motion detection which equals 2-layer protection. This shows that you do not need a maze of sensors to keep your home secure. You are getting your two layers of protection for only a fraction of the cost of other traditional wire systems.

Control system anywhere

 You can control this system from an alarm panel, or by using a smartphone app and get complete access from anywhere you are.

Instant Notifications

This alert system, ASAPer, will send your mobile phone alerts seconds after the alarm is triggered. You can resolve the alarm from the smartphone or computer. If you are not available the center will dispatch the police to you. This alarm is sent to the monitoring center by a secure, cellular connection. Only seconds later you or your emergency contacts will get alerts via SMS, voicemail, or email depending on accessibility.

Take care of alarm

You then have the option to take care of the alarm yourself with ASAPer, it lets you call, report a false alarm or get emergency help. If the center can’t get you or your contacts or if no one reports a false alarm, the police will be sent to your house.

Add to system as needed

It is easy to add to your Plug&Protect any time. Want to add a flood sensor? A smart door lock? Plug&Protect can serve as a center for up to 40 more security and smart home devices.

Apartment, Dorm, Townhouse, Condo Security

LiveWatch not only protects single residents but if you live in an apartment or a dorm, having a sense of security is also extremely important. Sharing a building with hundreds of other people may seem like a safety risk, but there are security solutions that let you very easily secure your apartment or dorm with very little effort.

Right security

No two apartments or dorms are alike, so the systems can be customized to almost any size of space and individualized to include features from window and door sensors to having a live video that can stream to a mobile device. Since you might move again, these systems are very easy to take with you. No difficult setup or nails needed; you can plug it in, activate and allow the system to work. If you are moving, pack it up and take the security system with you – not any hassle at all. You can just unpack it and plug it in at your new apartment or dorm room.

This is probably the easiest alarm system available on the market today. It is easy to operate and it gives you peace of mind.