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How Much Does Painting a House Cost in Australia?

Painting a house in Australia is considered one of the easier DIY tasks when it comes to giving a home a fresh look and feel.  Painting the interior or exterior can be done for a number of reasons – updating a house ready for sale, rental property maintenance, or turning a house you have recently bought into a home by painting it.

Choosing a paint product that will give you the desired finish is one cost, so what else should you think about? 

Here’s a list of other factors to consider in your residential painting project

  •  the amount of time you have to dedicate 
  • the time of year in Australia & whether your paint will be fast to dry (in the heat of summer) or slow to dry (during winter) & what impact that has on your painting project
  • Moving furniture in and out of rooms which disrupts the flow of the house
  • Impact on other family members including pets and young children
  • Purchasing or hiring equipment such as drop sheets, trays & dryers or spray guns that you may never use again 
  • How confident you are in your ability to create a professional finish when painting your house, 
  • Amount of time you have to do preparation work on surfaces, repair & complete the cleanup.

When looking at all these additional costs, a professional painter for your residential project might be more within your budget than you think.

How much does it cost if you hire a professional painter for your residential painting project?

Residential painting projects will vary, depending on how you are estimating the charges.

How long will it take to paint an average-sized room?

An average room will take approximately 5 – 6 hours for a professional painter to complete.  This includes preparation work in the room being painted, ceilings and trims, painting of surfaces in the room, and clean up.

What are the hourly rates for a professional painter to complete my residential project?

Rates for a professional painter to complete your project will vary depending on their level of experience, and if you are looking for someone who specializes in more complex projects such as restoration works of older homes.

In Australia, you will be looking between $35 per hour for simpler residential painting projects, like painting walls that are in good condition. 

The hourly rate can be upward of $60 per hour for exteriors and more complex projects that have a higher level of detail involved.  

While the hourly rate excludes painting materials, a skilled professional will get the desired finish faster than a novice DIY.

What are some ballpark charges for my residential painting project?

When measuring a room, the cost per square foot runs approximately $10 – 60.

Is hiring a professional painter worth it?

When you consider the finish you would like to achieve, the trips back and forth to hardware stores, moving furniture out of rooms, and how long it will take you to DIY the task, plus you would be paying retail price for equipment not likely to be used again, a professional painter may be more cost and time effective than you thought.

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