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How to choose best coffee grinder among a thousand of coffee grinders

The cuisine is a cultural feature of all countries in the world. Looking at the cuisine, we can tell which country it is, what its culture is, and so on. Coffee, which has existed for a long time, has become an essential factor in creating unique dishes and drinks for all countries. Therefore, people always pay special attention to the stages and tools for coffee processing. A coffee grinder is an indispensable tool in coffee processing. The article is essential to customers because you can improve your knowledge on how to choose a top rated coffee grinder. Let’s read it together.

How do coffee grinders work in coffee processing?

Well, most of the coffee in the foods and drinks are under powder form. So, do you know how people make coffee beans become coffee powder? The coffee grinder is a fantastic tool to extract the aroma and taste from coffee beans. After being ground, coffee will be more delicious, aromatic, and higher in quality.

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Can you tell which model is the best coffee grinder in the world?

There is a wide range of coffee grinders. They come from several manufacturers. Each manufacturer has a lot of product lines of coffee grinders so that they come with different quality, appearance, prices, and so on. The most common thing is all of them must meet the standards of their manufacturers before being sold on the market. Her is the list of top seven models of coffee grinders and their unique features:

  • OXO On Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Integrated Scale: built-in scale, automatic shut-off, overheating detection.
  • Proctor Silex Fresh Grind Blade Grinder: retractable cord, stainless steel blade, smart and straightforward design
  • Quiseen One Touch Blade Coffee Grinder: durable stainless steel blade, one-touch operation, compact, lightweight, built-in power cord storage.
  • Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder: entry-level grinder, multiple settings (40 modes), cooling keeping system.
  • Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder: various settings (16 modes), built-in timer, a large number of beans in one-time usage.
  • Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill: compact, easy to use, carry, and clean, high level of manual coffee grinder
  • FORUOR Manual Coffee Grinder: combinations of a blade grinder, filter, and insulated cup, easy to carry, portable.

What to look for in a coffee grinder?

Capacity is essential in a coffee grinder. Each coffee grinder can hold a certain amount of coffee beans. However, large or small capacity will not determine whether the model is good or bad. It depends on your demands. For example, if you want to make coffee for yourself, medium, or small capacity of coffee, grinders could be better than a coffee grinder that has a large capacity. In contrast, if you make coffee for a group of people, a large capacity of coffee grinder is excellent for you. Speed is also one of the most critical factors of a coffee grinder that we should not miss. The motor, which is a mechanical component, is what all coffee grinders have. Many people think that the faster machines run, the better the coffee grinders generate. However, it is not valid. Too much high speed can damage the flavor of coffee beans because the heat it made will negatively influence the coffee powder. Fortunately, some coffee grinders have gear reduction, which can help you handle the problem of high speed.

Heat is a vital factor. This aspect can differentiate between cheap coffee grinders and expensive coffee grinders. The coffee grinders that have heat control will cost more those that do not have it. Because if this such machines can retain the flavor and aromatics of coffee powder.

Grind settings are what you should consider next. After doing some research on the internet, you may notice two terms in the grind setting, called stepped and stepless. What is the difference between them? 

Stepped coffee grinders provides users with different setting modes. On the other hand, stepless coffee grinders will nor offer you any such settings. Stepped coffee grinders allow users to choose from a comprehensive range.

Material is an important factor for all electronic devices. This includes coffee grinders, and the material is an important factor of manufacturers and buyers. Two commonly-used materials for coffee grinders are steel, and ceramic. The material that a coffee grinder is made of determines its durability, cleanliness, and safety. Additionally, it is also vital to protect the flavor as well as increase the productivity of coffee grinders.

Should we trust all coffee grinder reviews?

There is no specific answer to this question. Trusting reviews depends on many factors. The main factor to consider is mainly where you see those reviews. For online coffee grinder reviews, you can see them via many sources, such as newspapers, social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, e-commerce websites like eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba, or on the homepages of manufacturers. The best way to read coffee grinder reviews is to go to the official homepages of manufacturers

The second choice is to visit reliable e-commerce websites (listed above) to read the specifications and descriptions of coffee grinders. Those websites are reputed, so that their information may be trustworthy as well. Notably, you should not trust the coffee grinder reviews from random sites. Technically, websites’ owners can hire other people to visit and leave many beautiful words for their products. It is also one of the main ways of how online marketing works in the modern world.

How many types of coffee grinder in the market?

Different types of coffee grinders depend on several factors that distinguish themselves from each other. If you look at the performance of different coffee grinders, they can be separated as blade coffee grinders and burr coffee grinders. On the other hand, we can also divide them into two types, called automatic coffee grinders and manual coffee grinders.

Burr coffee grinders have a lot of gears to crush coffee beans to coffee powder. In contrast to blade coffee grinders, burr coffee grinders are used to produce high-quality coffee, such as expresso. There are further, more complicated things for you to understand about burr coffee grinders, such as shape and size of gears, adjustment mechanism, grinding dose, and so on. Professional coffee makers and baristas love using burr coffee grinders because of the many benefits they bring. For instance, they can produce a decoction, even when you are trying to optimize flavor.

Blade coffee grinders are also a good choice for users. Most blade coffee grinders produce finer coffee powder than burr coffee grinders. Hence, the flavor from blade coffee grinders is not as good as the flavor from burr coffee grinders. As a result, blade coffee grinders are cheaper than burr coffee grinders. 

Our suggestion is you should buy blade coffee grinders if you are an average coffee lover. If you make coffee for professional coffee lovers, burr coffee grinders are what you should have.

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Automatic coffee grinders provide users a high level of confidence. They make coffee processing simple and easy. Customers can save a lot of time and energy because the way automatic coffee grinders run. They help you make the best flavor within a short span of time. Automatic coffee grinders are also high-quality, durable, and have a long-term warranty so that you can buy them for your home.

Manual coffee grinders have their pros and cons. If you are one who loves making coffee step-by-step, you could go in for a manual coffee grinder. However, have limited time, you should buy a manual coffee grinder. You need to choose an automatic coffee grinder which can make coffee powder from coffee beans quickly.

If your friends say: “This model is the best coffee grinder on the market,” will you trust your friends?There is no doubt that it is necessary to look for several sources to get reviews of coffee grinders. Asking friends is one of the best ways to do this. Nevertheless, if the model of a coffee grinder is suitable for your friends, it does not mean that this model is ideal for you. A suitable coffee grinder will depend on many factors. For example, if you are the owner of a coffee shop, you will have some very hectic moments. Hence, a model of the coffee grinder with automatic shutoff is the right choice. If you forget to turn off a regular coffee grinder, it may explode and cause injury to you and other people.

How are popular coffee grinders?

At present, you can see coffee grinders in many places. For example, when you join a party with your company at a luxury restaurant, you can see coffee grinders at the bar. Because of a considerable number of visitors, employees have to make coffee all the time. Hence, coffee grinders are their assistants in their jobs.

Besides, many families purchase coffee grinders for their houses. According to many studies, our living standards are becoming higher so that people live in a more modern way than in the past. They want to enjoy more, and do what they want to do, to make their life more beautiful and exciting. Because of this reason, making coffee by using coffee grinders has become popular with many people.

Finally, we can also see coffee grinders in public places. In reality, putting coffee grinders in public places is not accessible because of many reasons, such as people who may not know how to use them. However, some areas have done it because of the high demand for drinking coffee. People can make coffee themselves by crushing the coffee beans that come with coffee grinders.

How to buy a coffee grinder on the market?

Buying coffee grinders is what customers care about after choosing various models. However, purchasing a coffee grinder is not as easy as you think. You should understand coffee grinders because that knowledge will help you a lot in choosing a suitable coffee grinder. 

Besides, where you should buy them is also an essential note.

If you buy coffee grinders from e-commerce websites, such as eBay, Amazon, and so on, you should read the description of products carefully. For example, your coffee grinder weighs four pounds. You may want to buy a burr or blade type, and it may work automatically or manually, and so on. 

You should also look at the warranty. Most reputable coffee grinders have a long-term warranty, not only from manufacturers but also from e-commerce websites. If your coffee grinders have a short-term warranty, you should not buy them because they may be low-quality models.

If you buy coffee grinders from supermarkets, you should look at the samples and real products. You can ask the staff of supermarkets to show you actual coffee grinders. Additionally, buying coffee grinders from supermarkets and e-commerce websites has a long-term warranty. Generally, no matter where you buy coffee grinders, you have to receive a long-term guarantee.

Notably, after successful purchasing, you should pay attention to the packaging and delivery processes. Do you know why? Coffee grinders are electronic devices, so if anything can happen. It can negatively influence the quality of the models. For example, your coffee grinders will not work well, particularly if the crushing system has suffered extensive damage while the machine got delivered.

In conclusion

Well, what a long article! However, we do not feel tired after compiling all the information in this article because all this data will be relevant to you. First of all, you need to understand what a coffee grinder is and how it works in real life. In addition, you know some models of coffee grinders, which can be used to do some researches. 

Another factor to remember is to know how to purchase coffee grinders in the market. You can base your purchase on this information to make a wise decision whether you should buy a coffee grinder or not. You can see some notices for purchasing and delivering coffee grinders as well.Finally, we provided you with information on types of coffee grinders in case you want to choose them based on their standards. Thank you for spending time and reading the article. We hope you can find the best coffee grinders and enjoy the benefits they bring to you.