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How to Prevent Office from Pest Infestations?

Pest problems in an office represent several potential dangers. In addition to compromises on health and safety, they can severely damage employee morale and slow productivity. In a worst-case scenario, they could shut down an office for a time. Using a commercial pest control service such as Pest Control Plus can help to prevent these problems. Not only can the service stop pests before they overwhelm your office, but they can help keep the problems from re-emerging. In addition to professional services, you can take the following steps to stop pest problems before they begin.

Prevention Methods

The easiest way to prevent a pest infestation is to make sure that you monitor your office and act quickly when you start to see signs of pests. Many people turn to commercial pest control in Toronto not as a way of controlling outbreaks but to inspect the premises and provide advanced warning of potential danger signs. You can also perform spot checks on your own without the aid of a professional. If you choose to do so, you should make sure to check detection methods from the Government of Canada so that you know what to look for and how to perform the inspection. Nobody wants to waste time doing a thorough inspection only to find that they were looking for the wrong things in the first place.

You can also prevent a potential pest infestation by taking certain health and safety precautions. For example, properly storing food in a secure location, preferably keeping perishables in airtight containers, helps immensely. Cleaning away debris takes nesting material away from rodents who might find your office a worthwhile home. If you are in the hospitality business, washing and drying linens at a high temperature helps to kill any bedbugs and other parasites that might make a nest in your bedding material. Using commercial pest control services for advice and an initial inspection can help you identify other steps that you need to take to safeguard your office from potential pests.

How Often Should You Conduct the Inspection?

It helps to remain always vigilant against potential pest threats and their potential precursors. In terms of formal inspection, it’s a good idea to check potential hotbeds, such as food storage and linens, at least once a month. This allows you to spot droppings or shed insect shells, which may indicate an infestation. Even if you feel confident that you are on top of any potential pest problems, it helps to have a professional who provides pest control services for commercial buildings perform a thorough inspection at least once per year. This allows you to get a professional’s opinion on the state of your office and on how you can avoid potential infestations as time goes on.

The most frequent reasons of the Pest Infestation

When called to a site, commercial pest control companies look primarily at two factors that could have caused the infestation: internal and external. Internal problems often involve poor or improper maintenance. Food that is not securely kept in places that rodents might have access to, for example, often invites pests even if the rest of the building is pristine. These internal factors can usually be controlled through vigilant maintenance, proper storage, and the removal of debris.

External factors examine how the pests might have gotten into a building in the first place. With small pests, such as ants or bedbugs, their point of entry could be virtually anywhere. Larger vermin, such as rodents, need more space through which to enter the office building in the first place. Potential entry points for pests include eavestroughs that have become clogged, soil or mulch graded toward the building, and gaps around the foundation or crawlspace. Many of these problems can be removed with a little routine maintenance, while others might require you to reach out to a contractor for a long-term solution. Regardless, a professional can help you identify these external factors.

Rather than run the risk of your office getting shut down due to an uncontrolled pest problem, it helps to stop the issue before it starts. Self-inspection can help a great deal in this regard, and calling upon a professional in pest control will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.