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Hush Blankets – Are These Weighted Blankets Actually Worth it?

Since I lost my husband Earl, I have had a really hard time sleeping. Having him at my side created a comfort that helped me fall asleep. I have tried melatonin, lavender sprays and some prescription sleeping medications, but nothing has given me that feeling of safety that let’s me reach a deep sleep.

When I heard about Hush Blankets, it really piqued my curiosity. I really yearned to feel that safety, comfort and find a deeper level of sleep. But I wanted to do my due diligence and see if it really measured up to the hype.  

Their reviews really caught my attention.  People said that it was an amazing blanket and the best decision ever. It was a bit of an investment. So I really wanted to see what kind of guarantee they offered, well it was a 100 night guarantee. They said if you do not absolutely love your blanket after night 1, we will give you 99 more tries or your money back.  Well that was enough guarantee for me. 

Plus, I did some digging and saw that Hush Blankets was featured in the Huffington Post and other major websites. That really impressed me to see that they were featured in the media too.

Huffington post said, “The blanket’s heaviness is meant to distribute pressure all over your body, touching pressure points that some research suggests can relieve anxiety and stress, lulling you into a restful sleep.”

And then I read this about their Hush Iced Blanket on the, “It’s one of the first weighted blankets designed with the hotter months in mind… Weighted blankets can mimic deep pressure touch (DPT) — a therapy technique that utilizes pressure from touch to encourage your brain to release natural, stress-relieving hormones, such as dopamine and endorphins.”

I was Googling to learn more about the benefits of weighted blankets and found out that it eases Insomnia, reduces anxiety, fights back against stress, and improves sleep quality. Wow! All that from just a heavy blanket?  

I wanted to make sure that it was well made and would not fall apart on me. When I saw that it was a luxury weighted blanket made with double durable stitching and non-leaking bead distribution that really made me feel good. It is a solid, quality made product. 

So I decided to try it. Oh my gosh it’s amazing!. When I curled up with it for my first night’s sleep, I fell  asleep so fast. And I woke up feeling really refreshed. I think that’s the deepest sleep I got since Earl passed. The weighted blanket comforted me like a hug and helped me stay warm and fall asleep.

Now since I have experienced how amazing these weighted blankets are, I have wanted to share them with everyone in my life. 

I bought a Hush Iced for my son in law. I know that he is a hot sleeper and this will keep him cool and give him a good night’s sleep.

I bought a Hush Classic for my daughter. Because I know she is always looking for a way to bundle up and get comfortable at night.  

I bought my grandkids a Hush Kids blanket. It’s so nice when their whole family can cuddle up on the couch while they are watching TV.  

Sometimes knowing what to buy everyone for Christmas drives me crazy. It’s been really wonderful experiencing the difference that Hush Blankets make. I know it’s a gift that they might not buy for themselves but something that will bring them enduring comfort.

I wasn’t sure what weight of the blanket was right to get. Thankfully they have a weighted blanket guide for this right on their website. A person 100-170 should buy a 15 lb blanket. A person 170-240 should buy a blanket that is 20 lb. A person who is 240+ should buy a 25 lb blanket. Awesome!. Now I know exactly the proper weight blanket for everyone on my list. 

Thankfully there is a size for everyone. There’s a twin, queen, and a king size. That brought me a lot of peace of mind. Because I know that my daughter and my son both need different things.  My daughter is cold. My son is always hot. So I can get them both a twin blanket that meets their specific needs. 

I love that it’s made in Canada. It’s not just another blanket. I did my research of the Canadian weighted blanket companies available online before making my purchase. Hush Blankets stood out for quality, product material and technology. Hush Blankets are like a much needed hug from a loved one.  They are premium weighted blankets. The combination of sweat-wicking and cooling technology; along with innovative materials such as non-toxic sand glass and micro fibers is a game changer.
Lastly, I wanted to make sure my new Hush Blanket was easy to care for. Their website had step by step instructions that made it really easy. I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase.  Not only is it everything they said and more, but I am getting the best night’s sleep of my life.  Knowing I could share that with my family means the world to me. I highly recommend everyone get one for themselves and/or their family members!