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Important Enquiries to Make While Planning Deck Railing Installation

Deck railing makes amazing outdoor accessory that can give your house or premise a stylish look. It is, in fact, not just an accessory, but a kind of safety material to protect your kids from getting hurt while playing in open portion of the house. Thus, when both the safety of the inmates and the looks of the house are at stake, it is obvious to shop for the product wisely.
Deck railings, due to the safety factor and aesthetic value, have become an important home improvement job. The city development authorities have laid down the guidelines about the installation of the railings. You must hire a contractor for installation keeping safety rules in mind, and also to achieve matchless perfection. There are dealers available online as well as offline that supply the best quality railing material and can help you with latest designs, looks and patterns too.
So, what should you enquire about when the installation planning for deck railing is going on in your mind? Listed here are some important areas related to installation you must fathom well.
Important Enquiries to Make While Planning Deck Railing Installation

  • Options available

You have to have budget in mind first then you can decide about the options. Depending upon your budget, you can choose from glass railing or cable railing or wooden railing. Of all these options, glass railing looks most sophisticated. But, it certainly requires more care while handling. Wooden railing can hit the pocket more, but it looks most beautiful. However, it is not much weather-proof too. So, if you are into frequent renovations and budget is never a problem, then wooden railing is the ultimate option. Other options to consider will be metal railing or cable railing both of which are exemplary in their modern appeal.
In the metal railing option, the aluminum railings are quite in demand. These meet the IBC and IRC recommendations to the closest and do not lag behind in looks too. The aluminum railings are ideal for the places that have high salt content in the atmosphere, like coastal regions. It is good for the cold regions, too, where the aluminum attains the added strength at low temperatures. Cons of aluminum railing include higher possibility of pitting; the railing also becomes tight or loose with change in temperature.
Railing made in steel is also quite good to look at and does have exceptional strength. This material is rugged and sturdy and looks super clean and appreciably sleek. Steel railing does bring tasteful makeover to the balconies, patios and decks. But, steel railings should be made weather-proof with anti-rust coatings and regular maintenance. These railings, however, should be used indoors. In the interior regions, it doesn’t get exposed to winter conditions like cold winds, etc which can cause cracks in this type of railing.
So, apart from the looks, the viability of the material and its ability to withstand prevailing weather conditions should be taken into account while selecting the option.

  • Popular ideas

You want your house to look time-relevant, isn’t it? Thus, you need to have deck railing ideas that are selling like hot cake in the market. Though there are always some time-tested classics suggested by the developers, still there is no harm in trying something exclusive if you have the best hands for the job. The ideas can vary from achieving a vintage look to that belonging to modern times. Some dealers have the best designs catalogs that give you fair idea about the looks trending in the running times.
Some popular ideas of cable railing worth considering are discussed here. The ideas depend upon where these railings are to be installed. For example,

  1. Aluminum railing colored in black for staircases and decks

The black aluminum railing adds to the sumptuous appeal of the entry points like stair cases, elevated porch etc. The aluminum posts and railing in natural color also look exceptionally beautiful for the elevated porches. These are the traditional railing designs fit for the usual areas marking entrance of the buildings.

  1. Aluminum railing for other special places

Cable in-rail and aluminum posts complement areas such as balcony over the swimming pool in your premise. This space gets a creative yet professional makeover with this cable in-rail and aluminum post combination. If you have covered the patio with deck, its boundary also can be secured as well as beautified with the aluminum railings in natural color.

  1. Rectangle railings for houses in special weathers

If your house is situated in area next to the beach, the combination of square posts made of stainless steel and their wood tops offer sleek look to your balcony, deck, porch, etc. The log cabins situated in cold countries having abundant snowfall need not look dull and boring anymore. Round posts made of stainless steel and in-fills can be used as deck railing ideas for the outer places of log cabins, etc.
Important Enquiries to Make While Planning Deck Railing Installation

  • Contractor price

Once you have decided the budget and have ideas also in place, you surely need to find someone who can pull off your vision of accessorizing the exteriors in style. Though of various deck railings, cable railing is the one that can be done even by you, but this surely cannot prove to be a feasible option. Time constraints and lack of expertise may turn the deck into nightmare if manhandled. It can be dangerous for the DIYer too. So, shop around for the contractors who work professionally, have in-depth knowledge about the deck railing and are fully committed to do the best job in the best of the price.
There are handrail job calculators also available to find the contractor price. You can calculate it on your own by inputting certain values like type of railing, size of railing, labor rate etc. Basic job of railing contractor may include handrail installation, posts installation, maintenance jobs. Depending upon the length, height and shape of the deck railings, the contractor decides the price and offers you the best rate possible. You can negotiate the terms of work and payment too. You may require installation of certain parts or may need covering the whole area with railing; the price will vary as per the size of the job. So, take all these factors in consideration while deciding about the railing installation.

  • Materials cost

While planning for installation of deck railing, the materials involved need to be accounted for too. So, find out what all components will go into the construction of the deck railing. And also, list all the items required for the railing work and find out if the materials supplier has all set with him or you need to get it from various sources. The installation of railing costs between $3,000 to $12,000 usually. But, the cost may go up depending upon the labor required. The high end railing installations do go as high as $40,000.
You must know that the railings installed outdoors cost higher than those used for inner spaces of the premise. The maintenance cost should also be considered while evaluating the overall materials cost. Railings in external areas demand more frequent maintenance schedules and therefore, have higher maintenance costs too. You must contact local experts to get the installation of railing done; this helps you find the correct comparison of trending prices and get the one that fits your budget the best.
Important Enquiries to Make While Planning Deck Railing Installation

  • Rulings of the State

When house is constructed, its various portions are designed keeping the safety protocols in focus primarily. These safety protocols are laid down as per the safety regulations suggested by the city development authorities. Taking into account the climatic conditions of the place, and other factors, these safety regulations are outlined. The International Building Code (IBC) recommendations are applicable for commercial buildings. Some IBC recommendations include:

  1. Guardrails should be 42” high. Thus, accordingly, the material selection, cable railing size etc are to be determined.


  1. The guardrails should be sturdy enough to withstand 200lbs of weight anywhere along the top side. Thus, the posts should be placed 6” apart so that the required sturdiness can be achieved.

A variety of load tests are performed to ensure the sturdiness achieved in the structure.
Similarly, for the residential premise, or single family house, International Residential Code (IRC) is followed. The balconies and other elevated portions of the house are to be secured mandatorily with the handrails. About 34”and 38” above the nosing of the stair tread, the top edge of the handrail should be placed. There has to be posts at the end of the handrails. Whenever the railing is near the wall, there has to be a space of 1” – 1.5” between the handrail and the wall. At some places, guardrails should also be used. Handrails are not supposed to be flat; circular ones are preferable instead. Makers of the handrails follow the recommendations pertaining to the diameter of the circular portion and design these accordingly.
With all these information pieces in hand, your plan for deck railing installation will be accomplished easily and with almost nil surprises.