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Interior Design Tips for Creating a Fashionable and Functional Kitchen

The kitchen is the centre of activity in the home. As such, it needs to be a highly functional area where you can get stuff done without generating too much mess.

However, because you spend so much time in the kitchen, you probably also want the room to look sleek and stylish. But how exactly do you design a fashionable kitchen without sacrificing its functionality?

That’s what we are going to be discussing in our article today. Keep reading to find out some brilliant interior design tips which combine style and substance.

Grey Flooring

Grey flooring has recently become a popular interior design trend. The coolness of the colour can bring a real sense of style and sophistication to any room, but most particularly in the kitchen.

What’s more, grey flooring is a very practical option for homeowners. This type of flooring is usually made from laminate, which is a scratch and water-resistant material. As such, it is incredibly durable, hygienic and low maintenance.

For example, if you were to spill some food on a laminate floor, you could easily mop up the mess without needing to worry about stains. All these qualities mean that laminate lasts longer without losing its sleek appearance.

So, start by investing in some grey laminate flooring to create a fashionable and functional kitchen.

Storage Options

If you want your kitchen to look stylish, then you need to avoid cluttering the worktops at all costs.

That’s why we recommend creating some savvy storage spaces in the room. Not only will this make your kitchen more organised, but it will also make everything look better.

For instance, rather than cramming all your herbs and spices by the cooker, why not invest in a fashionable spice rack instead? This will help to tidy everything up and can make your condiments look like a decorative feature (even though they’re not!).

Other storage options include a stacking rack for mugs, tasteful pantry boxes, glass jars for items like pasta, shelves above the fixtures, and so on.

This will make a subtle but significant difference to the overall appeal of your kitchen whilst keeping everything nicely organized for you.

Fresh Paint

Give your kitchen a makeover by repainting the walls and cabinets. This will instantly transform the appearance of the room without impeding upon its practicality.

When choosing the new color scheme, we suggest using natural or pastel shades that reflect light into the room.

For example, white walls will instantly make your kitchen look bigger and brighter whilst also adding a touch of luxury. When painting the cabinets, you might want to choose hues which subtly accent the existing colour scheme in your kitchen.

For instance, if there is an undertone of duck egg blue running throughout the room, you could try painting your cabinets this color, too.

Kitchen Island

If you have room in your kitchen, you should absolutely install an island for the centre of the room. Kitchen islands are not only incredibly stylish, but they also have a plethora of practical uses.

They create a new area for you and your family to eat meals; they can be used for chopping up ingredients and preparing meals; they can even be fitted with cabinets for additional storage space.

All in all, they are a fantastic investment. Just remember – when selecting a kitchen island, pick a style which suits the current aesthetic of your kitchen, otherwise it will stick out like a sore thumb.

These are some great tips for making your kitchen more fashionable and functional. Whoever said you couldn’t have style and substance together?