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Kitchen Color Ideas that Will Inspire You

The kitchen has to play many roles in a house. Having it look the way you want is one thing top of any agenda when it comes to decorating. It is the place you are likely to gather after a hard day in the office, a chance to let your children do homework or talk about their days. It’s where you can prepare bigger family meals or drink that early morning cup of coffee while the house is still quiet. 

The kitchen really can be the room that does it all, so it can be hard to know how to decorate it to fit all of its functions. It’s good to pick a color palate that puts you in a good mood. If you love the way your kitchen looks and feels, you’ll enjoy the time you spend there. 

If you know you’re ready for a change but don’t know what styles you should consider, start here. These are some modern kitchen color ideas and themes that will inspire you. 

Sleek Contemporary 

If you want a stunning finish that has a sleek contemporary vibe, then you may want to go with bold monochrome colors like black and white. This can give the kitchen a modern edge to it. The secret to this look is in the contrast, so go for stark black countertops and white cupboards rather than gray tones.

You could look at adding metallic accents through your integrated appliances. A chrome integrated microwave and stove adds to the classy look. A bold chrome fridge and shiny sink faucet can be stunning in the room. 

Natural and Rustic

Sometimes you want something a little more traditional, and with a warm and homey feel. A natural and rustic look could be the option to consider. Think of a country-home feel elevated to the next level. If you love natural wood antique furniture, you’ll love bringing your dining set to life by tying it in with this look.

Look for butcher block countertops or feature a walnut wood grain in traditional style cabinets. Backsplashes and walls can be a complementary color that ties in the wood decor, such as a forest green or shale blue. Simple light fixtures with warmer lighting can make a big difference in making the home feel welcoming and cozy.

Modern Color Pop 

A very big current trend is to keep the space elegant and add in vibrant details to tie it together. Think of the vintage teal and white and black checkered backsplashes big in 60’s style diners. Patterns can help bring the pops of color together and the backsplash is the ideal place to do it. There is nothing quite like adding a modern color pop to a kitchen to really bring a space to life. 

A great way to achieve this is with a pop of bright cabinets. MOD Cabinetry, a cabinet company that specializes in current kitchen trends, recommends looking at modern color cabinets. When many people used to have to paint their cabinets to get that burst of color, you can now order them already available in vibrant shades. A red color cabinet with black and white bar stools, or a gorgeous mustard with blue accents are both very on trend. 


Another option for your kitchen is to consider a two-toned effect. This look differs from the contemporary style in that it creates a match of complementary shades rather than just going for a contrast. Think about a classic wood grain on lower cabinets or on your kitchen island cabinets and then a matte black or white cabinet color for the higher cabinets. 

The two-toned effect can give your traditional kitchen a finished look that shows sophisticated styling. You should think about clean lines and modern finishings and ensure a minimalistic approach when it comes to styling.

Light and Cheery 

This look has been popular throughout the decades and will continue to be a great choice for years to come. By focusing on lighter colors, bright lighting, and emphasizing any windows for natural light, this look adds an energy to the room. This is a great option for smaller rooms as the light draws the eyes up and makes the space look larger.

For this option, consider a light sunny yellow and white mix. Go for pastels and light color accents. Feature walls can also be a great way to add a light color burst while keeping the rest of the space white.

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