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Landlord Verification Forms and You.

Landlord Verification Forms, always such a strange thing, aren’t they? You think that they would be easy to find, since, well, you can search for one online, and there you go. 

But, which one do you choose? 

Or, instead, what is a LandLord Verification Form? 

A Landlord Verification Form is for when a Landlord needs to verify the rental information of a tenant. They send one out to gain the knowledge to see if the tenant in question can be a reliable or suitable resident.

They send it out to make sure the receiver won’t cause a stir or make sure that they don’t have a longstanding history of burning down homes or something like that.

But, how do you get one, o aspiring or veteran landlord?

The answer is usually by checking their Rent Form and matching the info with their Rental Application. You need to know just who and what this person likes when they apply, and there’s no reason even to send a verification form if that hasn’t been filled out.

At the same time, be sure to check their credit score and rental history to what they wrote down. Matching info usually means a good tenant, but if they do not, then they’ve either lied, forgotten, or didn’t care. 

Should the latter event occur, it’s not a bad idea to call the renter and figure out their reasons as to why, but be warned. At the same time, I want to believe that many people would forget or didn’t see it as necessary. A particularly malicious person might attempt to persuade you not to worry about it.

You can also see whether or not their previous renter or Landlord is willing to share their history. This can be good because now you can see just how they acted at their last home and get a first-person account of what happened.

Now, once that’s all out of the way, the question remains about how you manage to get a Verification Form. 

Like before, you can find many on google, but it’s best not to grab the first one you see. You need to find one with a reputable source and offers a comprehensive guide. That is to say, you want one simple enough to understand, but one thorough sufficient that someone won’t try to find a loophole. 

But, are there any red flags or warning signs, if you prefer, to a Landlord Verification form? For a landlord, and to any renters, be sure to look out for and be sure to fill out these essential steps.

  • Current Landlord’s number forgotten.
    • Now, this only applies if they have a current landlord, but if they do, and they oh so happen to forget, then you should probably keep your eye on them.
  • Any Complaints from neighbors? 
    • Naturally, everyone’s got a bone to pick with somebody, but you should be aware of consistent complaints.

When you start sending out phone calls, be sure to take what other landlords say with a grain of salt. Sometimes people will lie, get confused, think you’re talking about someone else, or may not want the current tenant to leave.

When you start searching for information on the current applicant, be sure to keep a fair and unbiased mind when it comes to their previous history.

But, let’s talk for a hot second about why you should do all of this.

Naturally, it’s essential to know a bit of the tenant’s history so you can judge whether or not they’ll be a good fit for the property. But, the idea of a verification history can be a bit subjective. Many Landlords may or may not agree with going through the verification process at all.

Or perhaps this the applicant’s first home and thus has no history at all.

However, there are cases of unverified tenants being evicted for poor behavior, so a little bit of background checking can’t hurt.

And most landlords don’t have the time or care to lie to another landlord about a tenant. If they did, that means either they did something to warrant it, or they have an ulterior motive. 

I mean, what would be the point about lying about a tenant unless you were trying to hide something?

And, it doesn’t take a lot of time, so at the very least, you can make a few phone calls.

So, a quick recap:

You should try to find a Landlord Verification Form that is thorough and is simple enough to understand. At the same time, you should do some research on a current applicant to find out whether or not they’ll be a good choice. Some might lie, but most won’t. Lying takes time, after all, and these days, who has that?