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New Rose Variety Developed by Asif Ali Gohar

One of the main challenges for a rose grower is to always push the boundaries and create the perfect roses. That’s not easy to do, especially if customers have special requirements. But Asif Ali Gohar is one of the most important rose growers in Lahore, Pakistan, and he was up to the challenge. Asif is always experimenting with a plethora of rose types, and we always pushes the boundaries to create something unique and distinctive.

And that’s what he got to do with the new rose variety named Gohar. Asif provided his own name for this rose type because it’s stunning and a clear representation of how innovative the rose growing industry is in Pakistan right now. The industry pursues creating new rose varieties while still retaining a traditional aspect to them too. All of this comes to life in a very creative and professional manner, while also pushing the boundaries and delivering outstanding experiences to every customer.

Asif Ali Gohar is known for creating a wide array of rose varieties. This is not his first one, but he decided that this new floribunda variety is different. Not only does it come with his own style of bloomy, beautiful flowers, but it’s also easy to grow.

For now, the Gohar variety is available in limited quantities, but it will be available on a wider scale in the future. It’s great news for people in Lahore that want visually stunning, beautiful and creative rose varieties that they can’t acquire anywhere else on the market.

The main focus of Asif Ali Gohar is on innovation and on coming up with something that people can’t find on the market. That’s very hard to do, which is what makes this new rose variety so amazing in the first place. Not only is it different when it comes to its bloom and petal type, but it also stands out with the huge range of colors.

Right now the Gohar variety is available in just a few colors, but we can expect more in the future. Cross-breeding rose varieties is a challenging aspect, but the fact that there are so many options really opens up a huge array of opportunities. Even so, the fact that we have such an amazing type of roses is what really stands out, and you will be incredibly impressed with how everything comes together in a natural manner.

You will appreciate the outstanding color palette, the fact that these roses are drastically different to anything else on the market and also their price. Despite being rather new, the Gohar variety is quite accessible and affordable. It clearly shows the true focus on quality and value that Asif Ali Gohar is bringing to the table with these new products. It’s something iconic and powerful, exactly what you would expect from a vetted rose grower. If you want to buy this new rose variety, don’t hesitate and contact Asif Ali Gohar right away to get your own Gohar floribunda roses today!