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Home Repair Services in Texas. What You Need to Know.

When you run into plumbing problems you might not have the time to call every local plumber that pops up in a quick google search. Usually, you need the problem fixed right away. Hackler Plumbing is a McKinney plumber you can call with confidence. We offer our customers the lowest service calls in the North Dallas area. We take a long-term view on forming relationships with our customers. As a family owned business we strive to treat everyone with fairness and respect. That practice plus our expert work has earned us excellent ratings with the BBB. Keeping our service call prices low means there is absolutely no risk in calling in a professional to come and check your plumbing problem.

Waiting around with indecision is never helpful and with plumbing issues, it can make the problem become much worse. So call today and receive 50 dollars off of any repair. Hackler Plumbing has been a trusted local business serving McKinney, Frisco, and Lewisville for years. No problem is too big or too small for our professional plumbers to handle. We offer services to homeowners, companies and even municipalities. Hacklers always gets the job done and we do it in the most cost-effective way to save you money. Same day service is available depending on need because some issues just can’t wait. Our plumbers are friendly and will never talk down to you about your problem. They are more than happy to share their expertise and have your input on the best solution to the issue. Finding an honest contractor can sometimes be a challenge in today’s world be we take pride in our reputation. You will never have to worry about hidden costs or unfair practices. Trust us to get the job done right the first time and in a way that won’t break the bank.

Another common home repair issue you could be faced with is damaged or uneven concrete. When you’re having an issue with your patio, sidewalk or poolside call reliable concrete leveling in Lewisville. Level up offers innovative solutions to cement repair that lasts and looks great. The way concrete can settle causes gaps and cracks that not only look bad but can be a safety hazard. The old way of repairing this type of sinking damage was patches that looked unsightly or expensive replacement. Thanks to new technology leveling sunken concrete can be done with a new process called poly jacking. You may have already heard of mud jacking but that process uses a slurry, a mix of cement and mud. This mix can be too heavy and the results won’t last and you will end up with even more leveling issues. Also the holes they must drill to lift the damaged are large and difficult to cover. Level Up uses an eco-friendly poly foam that lifts concrete while using small holes drilled in and filled. This process is proven to work and to last long term. It is the most affordable option available as well as being the best.

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