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Three Different Ways to Install Blinds in Your Windows

Blinds definitely aren’t just blinds. You have tons of choices! As soon as you’ve narrowed in on the option that you like the best, you may feel relieved because your job is done. Or is it?

Now you have to figure out how to install blinds! It’s surprisingly complicated. Just like there are many different kinds of blinds to choose from, there are quite a few different ways to hang blinds on your windows.

Here are the three main ways people install blinds on their windows and why you might choose one installation method over another.

Inside the Frame

The most common way to hang blinds is to install them inside the window frame, and it’s easy to see why.

Many homeowners prefer this method of hanging blinds because then they don’t contribute to the bulk of the window. In addition, hanging blinds in this way won’t interfere with the trim, which is extremely important if you have trim work that you want to highlight.

This installation method also makes it easier to cover any holes if the blinds are removed. All hardware and holes are inside the frame instead of outside, making the repair work much less unsightly.

On the Frame

You may be wondering why anyone would ever consider hanging their blinds on the frame itself. There are a few good reasons:

  • In some cases, you don’t have a choice. Some windows lay nearly flat against the wall, which means hanging the blinds on the frame is your only option.
  • If you want people to focus on your windows, making them bulkier with blinds that hang on the frame is a good way to attract attention.
  • Hanging blinds on the frame can also provide you with more coverage, especially if the blinds cover the trim as well as the window pane.

With Window Treatments

Although high-quality blinds look great on their own, whether they’re installed on the inside or outside of the frame, many people love to enhance their windows and blinds with window treatments.

In this case, it doesn’t matter too much where you hang the blinds. There are so many fun ways to hang curtains that you can get away with hanging your blinds however you want! But, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you want the curtains to take center stage, it’s a good idea to hang the blinds inside the frame of the window. This allows you to feature the curtains in all their glory. If the blinds have to be hung on the frame, make sure you choose a low profile so they don’t create too much bulk when the curtains are hung.

There really is no right or wrong way to hang blinds, as long as they’re hung securely! If you’re struggling, make sure you take a look at the manufacturer’s directions. You can also hold the blinds up to the window to see what you think before you pound the final nail into the wall.