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Top 7 Home Office Ideas That Will Make You Want to Work All Day

Your home office should reflect your personality and inspire you. That’s not always easy to do when it comes to selecting the right color tones, furniture, and layout. So if you need any guidance, read on.

Take A Scandinavian Approach 

Scandinavia has been so instrumental in the world of design since the turn of the 20th Century, the Scandinavia Movement is actually a thing. One of the key principles is Scandinavian design is Hygge – pronounced “hoo-gah.”

The idea behind “hoo-gah” is to make a room cozy and welcoming by including features that bring you joy. Hygge heaven can be anything from a photograph, painting, plant – or anything else we mention below. 

Be Careful with Color 

Ordinarily, you would probably paint your private sanctuary in your favorite color. That’s not always possible with home office designs – especially if your favorite color is black or red, for example. 

The reason for that is because the human brain responds to color. Bright colors like red, orange, yellow and pink can overwhelm the senses and impact your concentration.

Bright colors may give your mood an uplift but they are not good for productivity.

Colors that channel your energy and uplift your mood are pastel tones; green, blue and purple are ideal for keeping your stress levels in check. But feel free to add a splash of brightness to energize your space. Just don’t overdo it. 

Funky Functionality 

The functionality of your home office makes it possible for you to perform at optimum levels without getting frustrated or overburdened.

Ergonomic office furniture designed for convenience, comfort, and organization is of paramount importance. 

A cluttered office reflects a cluttered mind which impairs your cognitive performance and ultimately your job performance. Use desk tidy’s, pen holders, install shelves, bookcases, and drawers that are clearly labeled and easy to access. 

Add Plants 

Plants not only add aesthetic value to a room, but they also help to improve air quality.

According to NASA scientists, plants around the home can remove up to 87% of toxins from the air – and considering the amount of volatile organic compounds floating around these days, plants are an essential component for homes and offices everywhere. 

Hang Inspirational Art 

Sometimes, the small things in a work environment make the biggest impact.

A study performed by art experts at the Affordable Art Fair in conjunction with YouGov underscored how artwork helps to reduce stress, provides inspiration and uplifts mood – all of which enhance performance and productivity. 

Art helps to stimuli creativity which can be crucial for brainstorming and problem-solving. No matter how small your space is, there is always room for a little inspiration.

Lay a Rug 

Rugs have significant characteristics that enhance a room. Not only does the look and feel of rugs unify a room and bring it life, with the right color and placement you can increase the amount of light in a room.

You can even hang rugs on the wall to be used as artwork. 

Let in the Light

Lighting plays an integral part in a home office. Natural light is essential for improving mood, cognitive function and visibility. Numerous studies show how important natural sunlight is for health and wellbeing

Once daylight fades, it’s important to have the right lighting that does not distract you from work or cause your eyes to strain. Subtle wall lights can add ambiance to the room and desk lighting is ideal for reading without hurting your eyes.