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Top Lifestyle Tips For Living In A Calgary Apartment With A Pet

Taking care of a pet such as a dog or cat is undoubtedly a major responsibility, but at the same time having a companion with you at all times can also bring you much joy and comfort.

That being said, bringing in a new furry animal to your apartment is going to require you to make some basic lifestyle changes. Here are the tops tips you can follow that will make you more prepared for these changes and ensure that everything goes smoothly:

Does Your Apartment Allow Pets?

First and foremost, you need to confirm that your apartment allows pets. If your current apartment does not but you still really want to have a pet regardless, you’ll need to begin your search on Calgary apartments for rent that allow them.

Make A Routine For Your Pet

Humans thrive on having a daily routine, and animals are no different. Specifically, you need to set times for when you’ll feed your pet, take them outside (if your pet is a dog), spend time with them, and so on. Your pet will become accustomed to a consistent routine and it will create less confusion in your life and their life.

Be Careful About Which Cleaning Products You Use

Most people aren’t aware of this, but the majority of cleaning products sold on the market are actually harmful to cats and dogs. Fortunately, you can avert disaster here by being aware of which specific cleaning products are safe and purchasing those.

Give Your Pet Plenty Of Exercise

Some people get a pet expecting them to lay down and sleep most of the day. While it is true that most cats and dogs need to get plenty of rest during daytime hours, it’s also important to keep them active by giving them plenty of exercise each day as well.

Exercise is not only a great way to spend time with your pet, it will also make them happier and physically healthier. For example, you can set aside time each day to go on a walk or run with your dog outside, or you can use string and feathers for your cat to chase around indoors.

Don’t Be Noisy

Last but not least, since you’re living in an apartment, the last thing you want to do is for you or your pet to disturb your neighbors with loud noise. Look for breeds of dogs that are not yappy or are noted for their quietness, and when you play with your pet make sure that you stay as quiet as possible (at least when you’re indoors).

Living With Your Pet

There are many rewards to having a pet, but many people live under the belief that having a pet while living in an apartment is not doable. This is simply not true, and the lifestyle tips in this article will help you to have equal enjoyment with a pet in an apartment just as much as you would in any ordinary home.


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