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Upgrade Your Kitchen Design

The kitchen used to just be a place where meals were cooked and wasn’t thought about much in terms of beauty or design. Now, kitchens are a big highlight, and sometimes the focal point of the home. A beautiful kitchen with innovative appliances and a sleek design makes it a much more enjoyable place to do cooking and cleaning, and be the place where families come together. Below are some design ideas to improve the functionality and aesthetic value of the kitchen based on timeless ideas and new trends.
Simplicity is an oft desired element for kitchens, and a quick search in Pinterest yields lots of amazing results. It’s easy for them to become overwhelmed with counters covered in appliances, stacks of recipe books, bowls of fruit, containers, and dishes waiting to be cleaned. A clean and sleek design that allows for more counter space and an uncluttered scanning of the room is always in style!
Proper storage is key for this look (plus colour, discussed later). Appliance garagesthat can roll out with extra deep storage space for the toaster, coffeemaker, spiralizer, food processor, and any other countertop appliance, gets them out of the way until they’re needed. Drawers can be custom-made to keep spices and herbs easily out of the way. Keeping frequently used gadgets out all the time, like the plugged-in coffeemaker, should be the only exception(s).
Having wall cabinets removed can also create a greater feeling of space, but if you don’t have adequate waist level and lower storage, there won’t be enough places to put everything. An island with full storage cupboards can help fix this, room permitting.
Get rid of extra clutter by cutting down unnecessary kitchenware that is rarely or never used as well as duplicates (or even triples) beyond the essentials. Drawers quickly become a go-to place to throw spare things into that are loosely associated with the kitchen. It’s time to get rid of that stuff!
Professional plumbers like should be a foundational part of your kitchen remodel. They can help properly install new and innovative appliances like eco-friendly dishwashers, transformative taps that dole out sparkling water, smart fridges with water hookups, and more. A plumbing professional can also take the time to perform preventative maintenance on your plumbing to avoid emergencies in the future and ensure that your new things run smoothly for longer with proper installation.
Another great way to save space and add functionality is with an under the sink water filter. As the name implies, they conveniently fit right under your sink, out of the way and always ready to go. They are prevent the need for clunky water pitchers. There are many under the sink water filter systems to choose from to fit the size and design of your kitchen.
Smart technology has infiltrated the kitchen, which makes a lot of sense. It’s a place where temperatures and timers need to be monitored for convenience and safety. Examples include motion sensor faucets, ovens that can be temperature-controlled remotely with wi-fi, programmable coffeemakers, lighting controlled from your phone, and fridges that notify you of shopping needs and expiry dates.
Colour is a key part of any kitchen remodel or upgrade. We’re seeing an increase in coloured fridges, ovens, and dishwashers as focal points for the room. We’re far from the classic white and steely greys of the past decades and are now circling back to funky colours like in the 50s and 60s – well, not quite the same colours. That aquamarine and faded lime might be best left in the past. Plums, tangerines, rose golds, scarlets, and futuristic blues are making kitchens stunning today. But too much creativity can overwhelm and clash. Accent pieces are key. This can also be achieved more cheaply through smaller pieces like the kettle, toaster, and mixer in bright colours within a clean, neutral kitchen.  You can check out some cool new styles with Pinterest Advertising too.

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  1. You are so cool! I do not believe I have read through anything like that before.So wonderful to find someone with some unique thoughts on this topic.
    Seriously.. thank you for starting this up.

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