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What Rooms Should You Use a Bean Bag?

Bean bags are nothing like the childhood bedroom staples we remember.  Unlike the small, Styrofoam pellet filled sacks in which we spent hours playing video games, the bean bag of today has grown into a respectable piece of furniture that is versatile, comfortable, and fashionable.  A bean bag is an acceptable addition to just about any room in your living space, be it your home, an investment property, or a dormitory. There’s simply no space in which a bean bag cannot be used. Here are some great ideas that suggest where you may want to consider using a bean bag in your own space.    

  • The living room:  While it may seem unorthodox to use a bean bag in what is likely the most popular and heavily trafficked room in the house, we assure you a bean bag is the perfect fit.  Not only is a bean bag a more comfortable alternative to most couches, the availability of the bean bag in more opulent fabrics such as animal-friendly leather and fur make it a beautifully understated addition to your family room.  Because you can find a bean bag in just about any size you may need, using a bean bag in lieu of an uncomfortable and uninviting accent chair is a smart decision.
  • The bedroom:  Whether you are considering a bean bag for your own room or for a child’s room, you won’t be disappointed in the ways you can style the space with one.  A bean bag is a great addition to a master bedroom. Master bedrooms are often oversized and present us with extra space that either becomes a clutter catcher or the home of a pretty, yet uncomfortable accent chair.  If the space is uncomfortable, it doesn’t get used. If it doesn’t get used, it’s wasted. Instead, why not create a space that is appealing? A chenille covered bean bag, a lap blanket, and a collection of good books invites you to use the space as a reading nook.  A bean bag, small table, and lamp could become a quiet workspace where you catch up on emails or attend to at-home work tasks.  

The availability of a bean bag that stows a secret mattress inside can be a great addition to a bedroom as well.  Not only can it serve in the aforementioned roles, it can double as a safe spot to sleep for kiddos who might’ve had a bad dream.  No more cramped nights in the parental bed!  

A bean bag used in a child’s room is always a hit.  Not only do children love the comfort of a bean bag, they love the versatility.  Placing a bean bag in a child’s room means having a seat they can rearrange depending on their activity or mood.  You’ll love the ease of care you get with a child’s bean bag, and they’ll love the freedom they have in designing their own space.

  • The bonus room:  Whether you use that giant bonus room as a gaming room, media room, man cave, she shack, playroom, or the like, a bean bag will always be a perfect fit.  The best part of a bonus room is its versatility, and nothing is more versatile for seating and comfort than a bean bag. Using bean bags in the bonus room also means the room can grow along with your family without the need to repurchase appropriate seating each time the room changes.  Maybe the room starts out as a nursery or playroom and later evolves to a media room. The bean bag evolves right along with it, with zero need to find alternative seating. 

A bean bag is a great option for any room in your living space.  Versatile and adaptable, it gives you the ability to style your space with comfort and beauty at the same time.  A bean bag is easy to care for and adds a sense of relaxation wherever it is placed.