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What to Do When Your Furnace Does Not Start

We tend to take our possessions at home for granted until they stop functioning. This lesson proves to be particularly difficult for us when the heating appliances like the furnace and water boiler stop working. Somehow, they have a knack for conking off at the most needed of times, say, for instance, during the ice-cold winter months. During a rough winter day or night, an improperly functioning furnace or the water heater is the last thing on the list you want to deal with. Also, you can not even imagine performing your chores in the lack of hot water. 

Before a feeling of panic begins to creep up and you get even colder than you already are, wait, do not panic. For any emergency expert maintenance, you can call the experts at Boonstra for maintenance services. They will solve your issue at the earliest. You can also call them to assist you in choosing a water heater that is most suitable for your residence. Meanwhile, here is what you can do when your furnace does not start.

Examine the power 

If your furnace does not start during the day time, make sure you first check the power supply at your home. See that you are connected to it, and the switch is turned on. Remember that gas furnaces require electrical power to start just like all other appliances. You need to know that you have a power supply to the rest of the house before thinking that there is something wrong with your furnace. If there are issues with power supply, the circuit breaker on the equipment may have tripped.

Pay attention to the thermostat settings

Although this is an obvious thing to do, many people, in their irritation, forget to do so. You need to make certain that the programming on the thermostat is not changed in any way. This can be a reason why your thermostat has failed to start. While you are at it, also make sure the fan is set to ‘on’. 

Look at the blow indicator light

The blower compartments in furnaces possess inspection windows. This makes it seamless to view the indicator light. A green light flashes when the blower functions properly. However, the light is going to flash red or does not flash at all when there are issues with the run capacitor, the motor of the blower or control board, and the transformer. 

Examine the pilot light

While newer furnaces make use of electronic ignition systems, it does not stand pilot lights. Older furnaces, however, may experience problems with the pilot light going off. This can be a reason why the furnace may not be starting when you turn it on. 

Know whether your filters are clogged

Clogged and dirty furnace filters are a common problem faced by many. As air filters trap dust, hair, and other particles, they need to be changed regularly. If not, they restrict airflow through the furnace system. Clogged filters pose as a barrier that restricts airflow. So even though you may be heating air, it may not be able to transfer it because of the clogged filters. This means your home is not heated. Make certain you change your filters and check if the problem persists. 

Is something blocking your fresh air intake?

Furnaces do not always vent through chimneys. Furnaces, especially the newer models, have their fresh air intakes and exhaust run through the side of the home. This can make it susceptible to insects, deep snow, windblown leaves, and moisture, which in turn causes exhaust problems. 

Inspect the complete electrical panel

Since a tripped circuit breaker is one of the most common reasons that cause your furnace not to start, it is essential to check the entire electrical panel. The blower fan can lead to a circuit overload, which in turn causes the breaker to trip. Make certain you take a close look at your electrical panel. Reset any breakers and then try to start the furnace again. If the issue continues to persist, you will need to get in touch with HVAC technicians who can help you out with the same.

So there you go, see that you look into these matters before panicking that your furnace is not starting when you turn it on. The best way to have your furnace running is to make sure your heating system is examined by a reputed and experienced professional. This can help you save a great deal of time, money, and effort, and puts your mind at peace.

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