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What to Look for When Shopping Kitchen Cabinets

The use of kitchen cabinets has been growing and it is important that now people think about designing their kitchen.

Gone are the time when the kitchen was stuffed in a corner of the home which was hardly visible to guests or as ever thought of to be designed properly.

Kitchens now have been paid a lot of attention towards its design which is due to its increasing centricity in the hope of growing families. 

Having a vision of how you want your kitchen to look is important and fixing a budget to work with will define the limitation and will allow you to make a wise and restrictive choice by getting the best cabinet which will suit your needs. 

  • Considerations while choosing a kitchen cabinet?
  • What is the timeframe that you plan to stay in that particular home?
  • How is the environment around the home has been designed?
  • Having a particular layout as well as the idea of a budget is also important 

Design and Plan for Space

Designing a space requires planning which starts from material, price and style of how you and the space to be.

Even the basic remodeling for the kitchen could be costly therefore before moving on one must figure this out and plan it out. Some basic things to keep in mind are:

Market Trends: It is important to take a note of what is trending and where the market is going which will help in making a wise decision.

The person who is buying must know about whether the space is rental or how long does the family is planning to stay which will play a key role in getting the cabinet. 

Scope: This is particularly dependent on the budget and the space available in the kitchen. You sure can afford a cabinet which is highly expensive but there is no point of getting a large and spacious cabinet until and unless it fits in the space you have.

The paint and cabin must be protected from wear and tear at all costs if it is made for long use. 

Layout: Kitchen cabinet is one of the most convenient areas in the kitchen and it is important to look for the scaled floor and look for the placing of door, window and all these dimensions must be noted.

Location of the utilities that are already present in the kitchen will decide the future design of the kitchen and where things should be arranged for the best possible use and visual design. 

The three common options which are available in the market for manufacturing and are sold are 

Stock Cabinets: This is a common design and is mass-produced and sold it all the kitchen utility centres. These are pre-assembled and ready for the installation at the kitchen directly.

These are the least expensive option and the only thing is that these cabinets are offered in a limited number of designs, colour, look.

The delivery could be expected in a few weeks and the person will directly come for installation at your home. Keep reading here for more details as well. 

Custom Cabinets: Custom cabinets are built after measuring another cabinet area in the kitchen and are built according to the size and the design which the buyer prefers.

Because these are specifically designed all of them can be unique and often come with a single special feature. The craftsmanship of this cabinet are at par and this is made with detailing and would be loved by the buyer.

As these are designed to the requirements of the buyer with their agreement there is no chance of buyer not liking it and this is suited best for the home.

The only thing is that as the product is not mass produced it is very costly and not everyone would be willing to afford this. 

Semi-custom cabinets: These are the stock cabinets with few additional features which could be customised and added. Like the dimensions and the colour. The basic things are pre-made but few details here and there could be changed. 

You can also check for wholesale cabinets and get the best cabinet at an affordable price.

Selecting the Right Cabinet Size

The wisest thing is to first think hard about what size of cabinet do you need. This is often a problem where people tend to buy cabinets larger than what looks good on their kitchen. Look for the questions like where do you need more space.

Apart from cabinet how much space is a need in the kitchen. Keep an approximate measurement of all these things.

A person who is well versed in fitting cabinets might help you and there is no problem in getting help from a professional person who can guide you better through the process. 

Frame or Frameless Cabinet

These terms are often used and commonly mean:

Framed Cabinets

These cabinets are like a box and the structure is attached to the front of the box. With this, the box can be a bit thinner and can thus fit into tighter spaces of the kitchen. 

Frameless Cabinets

These are thicker cabinet boxes and the door and drawers to the cabinet are directly attached. With the lack of front box, the storage area is slightly extended and it is easier to access the complete interior of the cabinet.


The cabinets are supposed to go long way and thus the quality of the cabinet is of prime importance.

Ask yourself a question about the wood it has been made from, smooth working and the ball bearing structure, working of the cabinet doors and the ease of opening, adjustable hinges, the width of the plywood. 


Now, the first thing to pay attention to is your budget. You can look for various options and go for a lot of things but primarily thing is to know how much you are willing to spend on getting a cabinet.

A few up and downs could be there but having a budget will allow you to look for the definitive type of cabinets. With all these things in mind, you’ll be able to choose the best cabinets.