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Why Builders Should Make More Energy-Efficient Houses

Energy-efficient homes are always presented as beneficial for buyers who want to go green and save money, but they are also incredible for the builders making those properties in the first place. If you want to know exactly why building energy-efficient homes is a good idea, you should read all of the relevant reasons below.


The average homeowner might imagine solar panels being attached to the roof when they think of energy-saving renovations, but this is not the only way to achieve a greener goal. There are plenty of simple features that can be included in a home that will lower utility bills, shrink carbon-footprints and make the entire space more comfortable. All builders should be aware of these options and how to incorporate them into a property so that they can be prepared ahead of the construction. If you need to know what special energy-efficient features should be included in a home, check out this brief list of examples:

  • High-performance windows with weather stripping
  • Energy-efficient doors with weather stripping
  • Proper insulation on every single floor of the house
  • Duct sealing
  • An Energy Star certified air conditioner
  • A high-quality furnace
  • A programmable thermostat


When you start focusing on building energy-efficient homes, you will find suppliers that are on the cutting-edge of the market. These innovative companies are always working to meet customer demands and trying to better the quality, design and capabilities of their own products. One company that would be an exceptional supplier is Golden Windows, a manufacturer and distributor with Kitchener, London and Ottawa windows and doors showrooms. They are active participants with Energy Star Canada, and they have stated a strong commitment to energy conservation and environmental protection. They carry wood, aluminum and vinyl windows and doors that exceed expectations for energy-efficiency. As a builder, you can appreciate a supplier that takes the interests of their customers to heart and that is willing to go the extra mile to get the best results.


When you are looking at homes, one easy way to tell if an effort was made to reduce energy usage is the type of equipment a house has in the HVAC system. Do they have a high efficiency furnace? One of the more increasingly common home appliances that can help save a lot on energy is a tankless water heater, and you can even learn about the best electric tankless water heaters for performance and energy savings. If a true effort was made for the house to be energy efficient, you should expect to see some Energy Star rated equipment and appliances. It helps to know what the best products are so you can recognize quality when you see it.


Another great reason to start building energy-efficient homes is that it will boost your reputation with customers and make you look good. Sustainability and eco-friendliness are subjects that customers care deeply about — statistics show that Canadian consumers are buying green products and services, and that almost fifty percent state that their primary motivation is to help the environment. When you build homes with naturally smaller carbon-footprints and align yourself with localsuppliers that make energy-efficient products like London vinyl windows, you show a strong commitment towards being environmentally-friendly. Sharing those two important aspects of your business is simply clever marketing that will drive more caring customers to your finished homes.


Houses that have energy-efficient features are often promoted as solely beneficial for the homeowner, but that’s not entirely true — these houses will also be highly advantageous for the builders that construct them. By creating energy-efficient homes, builders will meet market demands, make connections with innovative suppliers and ensure that their handiwork always sells at an excellent price.