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Why Installing a Copper Tub is Smart & How to Prep Before Installation

People are loving the idea of remodeling their homes in a natural and eco-friendly manner but sometimes find it hard to figure out what to do next. The easiest changes are installing energy saving appliances and solar powered panels, but what to do after that? Well, some people are installing copper bathtubs, and you can do the prep for this on your own.
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Why are People Installing Copper Tubs?

There are a number of reasons copper bathtubs are rising in popularity; for one, the metal gives bathrooms a vintage and rustic look. This look has captured the homeowners’ imagination, which is probably why many are interested in installing copper tubs in their restrooms.
The other reason some people are installing these types of tubs is that they are made from a natural and durable material: copper. The natural movement in today’s society can not only be seen in some of the foods people eat but also in the materials used in households, and copper is just the latest example. The natural metal looks spectacular in restrooms and can look nice with the right decorations and accent colors.
Some homeowners are turning to copper simply because the material is more durable compared to other common materials used to make modern-day tubs like fiberglass or acrylic. These materials not only degrade quickly, but they are definitely not natural, which is part of the reason many people are looking for other options.
It should be pointed out that copper has been used in the past for all sorts of reasons. Some people stored water in copper for health purposes. As surprising as it may seem, copper is actually antibacterial and can help purify water after some time. Furthermore, it seems that copper can also increase the pH value of water. Both properties give people more reasons to install a copper tub at home.

Prep Work to Install Your Copper Bathtub

There is a lot you need to do before you are ready to install your bathtub. Of course, finding a reasonably priced bathtub is going to be your first step, but there are additional steps to consider. For example, you have to figure out your budget, and make sure you have enough to remove the old bathtub and have a professional install the new fixture.
It is also important to talk to a plumber about updating your plumbing system to accommodate this new tub. A professional should be able to tell you how your system will need to change to make sure there are no issues. According to  Pipe Surgeons, “ you know that a company cares about the quality of their work when they stand behind it”, so it is essential to use a plumber that offers a guarantee.
Those who do not have an additional restroom at home may want to consider a temporary solution if the installation is going to take some time, or be sure to schedule the installation during a time no one is home. Most installations do not take more than an hour, so this won’t inconvenience your family for too long.
The next thing you have to consider is learning how to care for your new copper tub. The good thing about these types of tubs is that they are antibacterial, so the chances of unwanted growth are slim. All you need is a little soap like regular dish soap and a soft sponge to clean the tub from time to time. Be sure to dry the tub when you are done the washing.
Installing a bathtub after the plumbing work has been done can be done without professional assistance if you have experience and some help. These tubs can be quite heavy without any help, so make sure you keep that in mind if you are thinking of installing the tub on your own.

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