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How to Find Writers for Your Website – Best Writers Wanted

As you probably can tell. We are starting to come out of Beta here on Feedster.

Since I am currently researching how to find great writers for our site I thought it would only make sense to share the wealth of information I have found about the subject.

Best Writers Wanted – Write for Feedster

Why I wanted to just go out and plaster this on every stop sign in town, every forum, and every comment section of every blog I could find… I held off and had some discipline. Instead I started researching how others on the “internet” were finding great writers. I was never happier to see Google doing its job.

There was a wealth of information that I had never seen before.

  1. Introducing Penelope Trunk– Let me just say that if I could even use half the words she makes sound so beautiful in her writing I would feel wonderful about my chances as a writer…

“In the history of western thought, the first thing to happen when there was a paradigm shift was that the writing shifted, (Chaucer’s stories of common people and Martin Luther‘s translations of the Bible come to mind). And the first people to complain were those who had a stake in keeping things the same. So ask yourself, do you want to be part of the next period in history, or do you want to be a person representing the futile force in history that tries to hold us back?”

Her blog was packed with great writing that I drew inspiration from. While there were options for coaching – which I obviously need – and options for contacting Penelope to speak, I couldn’t find the information I wanted. This is however a wonderful place to go in order to solve the problem by writing for yourself. Unfortunately on a site with the metrics that Feedster has, that will not possibly solve all the needs I have.

Note that I can’t pass up – She played beach volleyball as a career at one point. That alone made it my number one site for writing.

2. Jobs.ProBlogger – This is pretty simple. It is a job board. The reason I liked it more than say upwork or outsource/elance etc… is because I could scour the headlines and see what other people were posting to look for writers. This helped me tremendously.

First I realized that I couldn’t just make one post for all writers. I would need to make a post per section/category.

Best Writers on The Internet
Finding – Hunting for Writers

This seems to be a great resource for finding writers by posting here. I responded to a few of the post myself to find out if they were interested in guest blogging here or exchanging guest blogs. So that may be a different spin than just posting on the site and letting people respond.

3. Ryan Deiss and his team on Digital Marketer always have the coolest ways to do stuff!

TIP:  Don’t just search the first page of Google search results.  Search deep into the results pages —- this is where you might stumble upon a good writer that just isn’t very good at SEO.

2 – Poach from the competition

Find blogs that have hired outside writers and steal them.

These people are usually freelancers that would love more money or exposure.

There’s nothing illegal or unethical about sourcing writers from competing websites — this is how the game is played.

3 – Search Twitter

In most niches, anybody who is creating content is on Twitter.

Use a site like FollowerWonk to search Twitter Bio’s for terms like,

  • [YOUR BLOG TOPIC] blogger
  • [YOUR BLOG TOPIC] writer
  • [YOUR BLOG TOPIC] author
  • [YOUR BLOG TOPIC] speaker

Here’s what you’re looking for when searching Twitter Bios on Follower Wonk,

Find Writers on Follower Wonk

This was great for getting my “gears” turning on various ways to find writers. First and foremost – I realized that I had some major metrics to offer. The added “future exposure” was also definitely things I could add to the offer. Feedster has great website authority and a ton of links that all make it very powerful.

In the post he talks about looking on the Problogger Job Board as well which made me feel good about it.

4. Neil Patel Never Fails – If you have done a search on anything related to SEO or Websites in the last few years then you have seen Neil Patel and one of his sites. He definitely has a system for growing a site to some supreme levels so I trust his advice for sure.

From Kissmetrics:

How to Find Guest Bloggers

If you don’t want to wait for guest bloggers to come to you, you can always try finding them first by doing the following.

  • Find people who guest blog often. If you follow some of the top blogs in your industry, you’re likely to start seeing some of the same names popping up upon them. These are people that like to guest blog to build authority in their industry and gain exposure across the web. Find their website and send them a personalized email saying that you’ve enjoyed their writing on Blog A, Blog B, and Blog C and invite them to write for your blog as well.
  • Do a Twitter search. Lots of people like to share their latest guest post with phrases like my latest guest post. Search this and related phrases on Twitter to see guest bloggers in a variety of niches, or include additional keywords to further narrow the results down.
  • Try blogging forums. Sites like MyBlogGuest allow blog owners to look for guest bloggers based on niche and also allow them to post in the forums that they are seeking guest blogging contributors.

He had a ton to offer and I would suggest that you read the entire article but both Ryan and Neil searched for “Write For Us” post on the site. This made a lot of sense that we should build that Page if we were going to seriously look for people.

Also I found that cool little tool – MyBlogGuest… Trying it out. We shall see.

5. How to Find and Keep Great Writers for Your Blog

Distilled offered a great in-depth post going over every detail to think through. I realized how much of a “leg up” this blog had with the metrics. It really started to excite me at the possibilities. I can’t wait til the Beta is Over.

Retention - So let’s assume you took my advice and a handful of writers have offered you their services.  Their posts have been generally well-received and you’ve even gotten a few incoming links out of the deal.  All at a cost to you of… one page on your domain!  You don’t want this content party to end, do you?!  Most of the time it will take more than a few words of encouragement and a social media shout-out to keep your writers content.  And honestly, you should want to reward individuals who’ve added so much to your blog’s strength.  I usually offer incentives to loyal writers or authors of articles that perform particularly well. I would try to avoid offering cash as they may end up doing the math and realizing that their 10,000 words and countless hours may not be worth the $50.  Instead, reward your authors with “Any video game they want!” or “Any season of television they’d like!”.  Offers of prizes more suitable to your niche are also appropriate, even better if you’re in ecommerce and can offer them your own supply! Either way, make sure you have rewards for quality content and mention these to your authors before, during and after their tenure with your blog.

Now, I realize this goes against my earlier declaration of “free content” but if you think about it, sending a $50 video game to one of your writers in compensation for 10 quality articles that would never have existed otherwise is almost theft.  Would you write 10 quality articles for $50?  Probably not.  Honestly, this is more of a token of acknowledgement than an actual, equitable payment for services rendered.  Their content will most likely make up for the 50 bucks in the form of links, social shares and fresh, keyword rich content.  Don’t get greedy or take your new pen pals for granted!

Almost as important as proper compensation is the simple acknowledgement of your guest poster’s hard work and dedication to the site.  Don’t forget yourEnglish manners as they are not your employee.  Give their twitter account a shout out when you eventually tweet the article URL, create an author’s page with links to your writer’s social accounts, comment on their posts and remind them that they’re a cherished part of the team.

Read More…

I was loving the idea of free content and even more so of rewarding writers and having fun with it.

To Wrap it up…

I also did some reverse searching:

  • – I found a list of places where writers were looking for jobs. I figure I can make a post and find those that are headed over there from that post to look for writing on blogs just like this one. This post from that same site was a great place to find writers and job post to post the jobs….
  • I asked advice from this writer to see what they thought of free vs. paid. She is a writer that had a post about sites that pay $50 dollars to write for them which I found interesting in itself. Read more…
  • I haven’t tried it yet but with some of the coding we have to do on this site – this was a great find. as it looks like their screening process may help find the right fit before searching forever and screening applicants for various coding and writing gigs.
  • This last link is a bit beginner in the content but one thing stood out to me. Check out the number of comments and engagement the writer received. That is exactly what I need the writing on Feedster to do…

So as I develop the writers and sections on the site I plan on making follow-up post on how it went and what I learned. Would love to hear from you on any other ideas.


One Last place I found a ton of information about blogging, keywords, etc… and Smart Passive Income These 2 guys, Brian and Pat have been very influential in getting me to the place I am today. I don’t want to copy their entire site so I gave them a Do Follow link as a shout out – 1. Come write a blog over here and 2. Thank you for your blogs!

Look forward to hearing other ideas about this subject.