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What to Look for in a Concrete Construction Project Company.

ActionSolution can offer your construction project cost-effective and time-saving solutions for concrete. Our concrete retaining walls are precast in a variety of shapes, textures, and designs giving you options that will fit your project requirements. All of our precast retaining walls, flooring, columns, beams and tilt panels are made at our plant in Jandakot, Perth. This saves construction site program times by a wide margin. Action Solution concrete is made to be durable and safe. We can create custom adjustments or completely custom designs for your project. Delivery to your construction site is offered to save you the hassle and time. We are experts at safely delivering your precast concrete and are perfectly quiet for the job. Having us deliver ready to install concrete slabs, tile walls and floors make your project go smoother than you ever expected.

Action Solution provides you with the precast advantage. Using precast concrete not only saves money and time on site, it also offers higher quality. Precasting inside a controlled manufacturing environment offers twice the density and durability that pouring and drying on site. Precast concrete is extremely resistant to impact, corrosion, and weathering. It also offers an inherent fire resistance that increases safety for buildings and homes. This advantage will save on patience costs in the long run. When you have a project such as a home safety and longevity matters.

Anther thing that matters in a home is the doors and windows. Our affiliates at Magnetite double glazing, Perth, can help homeowners get the most out of their living space with double glazed windows and doors. What is double glazing? It is a process that used two panes of glass and an inert layer of gas in between. This air tight construction offers highly effective thermal insulation for any home or building. Our windows and doors are made with the most trusted methods of double glazing used today. What makes Magnetite different is that we retrofit, meaning we use your existing windows and doors. This a better and more cost effective solution compared to ripping out and starting over. We believe in being able to improve on what you already have and retrofitting double glazed windows, in fact, will give you better results. This also saves time, meaning minimal disruption to your home or office for installation.

Magnetite now also offers two other systems to improve your windows doors. Soundtite can vastly reduce outside sounds to keep your home or building peaceful and undisturbed. Utilizing a secondary window system this solution is designed to work with an existing strut and have very little impact on the appearance of the exterior of your building. Solartite works in conjunction with your Magnetite retrofit double glazing to combat radiant heat and maximizing performance. These advanced window films come in the strengths to offer custom solutions for west facing windows or low sheen for heritage homes. These films are a modern solution to avoid the heat and also reduce glare at night so you can enjoy your view. Solaritite can help you reduce energy costs, offer UV protection and enhanced privacy.