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Employee Engagement Ideas: Keeping Updated About Your Workforce

The pandemic has changed a lot since it first swept across continents in 2020. Now, a majority of people are working from home. This makes it hard for employers to understand their concerns and to learn what goes well and goes wrong.

This makes employee listening a hot topic from 2020 onwards. How can we understand how our employees feel and help them to be more productive? In this article, we will look at employee engagement ideas that help you get started.

Have face-to-face interviews

It all starts by having a good conversation. As a manager, it makes sense to have a one-on-one interview with team members. Everyone has their challenges and it makes sense to understand them. Based on the outcomes of the meeting, you can decide to have follow-up actions.

This is especially important  when multiple team members have similar concerns. This would be a situation where it makes sense to utilize resources that can help solve the problem.

For example, if your employees want additional funds for a home office. Often, these investments are well worth it as a good home office results in better productivity.

Large organisations need to start somewhere

Face-to-face interviews seem not to be effective in all cases. For example, in large organisations it can be challenging to speak to all employees individually. In that case, a survey can be a good option to start with.

This allows you to listen to employees on a larger scale across several dimensions. This helps to gain insight into productivity, well-being, and other issues that can come up (e.g. ‘additional input’ fields in the survey).

Dashboards to gather insights

The survey outcomes can be collected into dashboards to gather insights. This allows management to see the pain points across the organisation and within teams. Depending on the tool used, there are also recommendations based on the outcomes.

Of course, this depends on the selected tool. For example, you can create your survey and analyse it using Power BI. Another option is going for a dedicated tool made for employee listening purposes.

These are often extensive and come with recommendations and templates that can be tailored to your needs.

Based on the observations, you can decide to dive deeper into specific departments. In that case, you can go for one-on-one interviews to uncover the challenges that the person or team has.

This helps you to tailor to the needs of individuals while keeping the wellbeing of all employees in mind.

Listening to your employees with Effectory

There are many vendors in the employee engagement space. One of the leaders that stand out is This company does not only provide tools to conduct surveys but also accompanies dashboards and other analytical methods.

Based on experience and best practices, Effectory provides recommendations for your organization to follow-up.

Along the way, you can track the progress and make sure that it continues in the right direction. This is key to make an employee engagement endeavor a success.

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