Human Resources

Encouraging Loyalty from Your Employees

Running a business has plenty of ups and downs and fostering loyalty from employees can be tricky when so much needs your attention to keep the business running smoothly.

However, your employees are the ones that will keep your business ticking and without hard-working, dedicated individuals it can be hard to grow and develop your company beyond a micro-entity.

When you find a good employee, you want to keep them and the best way to do this is speak to your employees about what they expect from long-term employment.

If you are trying to grow your staff force, the following can help to attract new employees and encourage them to stay with you for the foreseeable future.

Health Insurance Plan

Health insurance can supplement services available from public health care or in some developed countries (the USA) can provide peace of mind for your employees that their maladies and ill-health are going to be covered without needing to declare bankruptcy.

Health insurance can provide employees access to faster medical services and additionally, access to some services that aren’t available from public health care including advanced cancer treatments like proton beam therapy and specialist drugs.

Private medical insurance can be provided for the employed individual or extended to include family coverage (spouse and dependents).

Family coverage isn’t always practical for smaller businesses but can help find mature, experienced employees who are more likely to stay in return for good treatment and benefits.

Travel Allowance

Not everyone lives nearby to their work and those that live further away often give up more of their free time to ensure they are getting to work on time.

Providing travel allowance that covers fuel costs or pays for their public transport is an excellent way to encourage loyalty with your employees.

It lets them know that you appreciate what they might be giving up (more time with family, less time to enjoy hobbies) by covering the time that isn’t normally accommodated in the offered wage.

It’s one less concern for your staff and can provide peace of mind for staff that already have a lot of personal responsibilities to juggle.

Training and Skill Development

Most working individuals wish to develop their skills and abilities and by offering additional training and workshops for personal development this can help staff see that you also support their journey to be the best version of themselves.

Not only does offering training benefit employees and encourage loyalty but it can be greatly beneficial for the business and skills can be grown around internal workings to directly improve company practices.

Talk to your staff force about aspects of the business they wish to learn more about or if there are skills that an employee would like to learn and how they think certain skills or knowledge would benefit their work.

Bonus Schemes

Bonus schemes are considered one of the traditional ways of fostering employee loyalty and can be designed to help staff work towards personal and company goals.

Outline clearly in job opportunities that your company has a bonus scheme and talk to potential employees in interviews about how the scheme works to ensure they know what is expected for them and how they can move up to different salary levels within the company.

Everyone wants to feel like they can progress in their career and even when it might not be practical to move people up into higher job ranks, you can implement bonus schemes and salary brackets to ensure nobody becomes stagnant and unenthusiastic about their job.

Long-term employees bring many benefits to a business, they are a recognizable face for returning clients and their enthusiasm and excitement to do well helps the company to provide quality services.

Make sure to recognize and reward your loyal employees before it’s too late and you lose a dedicated employee that helped to encourage and inspire the rest of your staff force.