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How to Write a Letter Of Resignation To HR

Need some assistance to write a letter of resignation to HR? Are you sure that you want to resign from your current job? Because sometimes we regret resigning from our job. If you’re sure, it is not a tedious job to write a resignation letter.

A letter of resignation is a formal note which is mainly written to let the employer know that you are leaving the company or job.

When you have decided to leave, it is suggested that you write resignation letter with a positive and progressive state of mind. It is to maintain a healthy and nice relationship with the employer and to leave as an impressive memory to them. This is also to pave a confident way for you.

As the Human Resource department takes care of all the formalities in terms of joining, leaving, etc. a resignation letter is, hence, written to them.

This means you can refer your letter to the senior member (HR head) at the human resource department of a company.  

Before writing and handing over it to your boss, you must check the date of last working day (that you are expecting to be) and for this purpose, we suggest you use this calendar.

It’s always advisable to inform the employer or boss in advance (say like a month or 2 weeks) as you never know what might be required from your future job prospects.

A few important tips are listed below to write a letter of resignation to HR. We hope that you’ll find them useful.

1. Be gentle and gracious

No matter what the reason behind your resigning, it could be anything. Maybe you’re annoyed with the attitude of people you work with or unfriendly nature of your manager or boss.

Or maybe you have been offered a better profile and package at other company), it is good to be nice, always.

Therefore, we suggest that you write the resignation letter with grace and in a polite tone. This will help you in receiving a nice recommendation letter (if required) or work experience certificate that will be helpful to you in the future.

You must thank your employer for the provided opportunity and for being nice and kind always. You can add a little about the experience you gained and techniques that you learned here, in brief.

Sometimes, people share a bit of some happy moments they spent at their job.

2. Mention important information that HR might be interested in

To make it easier for the HR or current manager or boss, we suggest that you provide all the important information about the work (project regarding, etc.) that will be useful for the company in future.

You can attach a copy of the work strategy that you’ve been working on currently to make it easier for the other employee who might replace you at this current job.

It will show your concern and responsible nature towards your work at the current place.

3. Reason of resignation

A brief mention of the reason for your resignation would be enough and better too. It’s because otherwise, they (HR head) will ask you later. So it is better that you write if before they ask.

It could be anything (higher education, family stuff, new opportunity, etc.). By informing them, you are making a comfortable situation between you and the employer with respect and affability.

4. Do not point out any mistake or make a complaining tone.

There are chances that you are leaving because of the many complaints you have in your mind, but let’s not write them in the letter of resignation.

In such cases, you can just write a short letter with the main things but again, in a polite tone. What has happened has happened, now since you are leaving, leave with not enough hard feelings.

5. Keep it short and check your grammar

Whatever you write, write in moderation. Do not exaggerate, keep it crisp and to the point. Such letters are appreciable.  

Before sending, check the language and grammatical errors, if any. Let’s not give the employer any chance to point a finger at you. Write the best of your capabilities.

6. Don’t forget to greet first and check out sample resignation letters

Greet them with all regards and share a thank you note with respect, for sure. If you’re not sure what to include, there are numerous samples of resignation letters you can check out first.

You can refer them for more or to know the format and language that you can use for this purpose, if required. All samples available online can no doubt assist you in writing a letter of resignation.

Also, as you’re sending it to the HR via a printed hardcopy or an email, it is better that you recheck it and use a calendar to check out all the mentioned dates to avoid any future confusion.

Thank you for letting us help you. We hope this article has been helpful to you!