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Why You Shouldn’t Hire A Translator Just Because He’s A Good Guy

When you’re in need of translation services, you have to make sure that you are looking for the right person.

Whether you want to develop a partnership with a translation company, hire a full- or part-time translator to your company, or simply order something from a freelancer, you need to do your research and don’t settle for just anyone.

Everyone can make a difference; however, while a good professional can make a good one, a not-so-great translator can only give you more trouble. That’s why you should never decide on a person only because you like them.

A good guy without a certain set of skills won’t provide you with professional translation services. So what you should look for to find the perfect translator?

What is a professional translator?

Many people think that anyone who knows at least one foreign language can be a translator, but there’s nothing further from the truth; knowing the language is merely the beginning.

Grammar and vocabulary are the foundation, but you need so much more to be able to translate successfully. A bi- or multilingual person has to go through specialized training at a college, a university or within a translation association.

Such a person is not only fluent in two (or more) languages, but also in their rules, specifics, cultural contexts, etc., plus, they know translations techniques and work management.

Very often, professional translators don’t only transform regular texts from one language to another, but they specialize in different niche. So if you work in IT, you should probably look for a translator specializing in texts on this topic.

What does a professional translator provide?


Localization is a language service that should come with translation services, but it’s only possible when a person has been through proper training.

It means that all translated content is also being adapted to the culture of the target language to not only meet the needs and expectations of your audience but to conform to the laws of a foreign country as well.

A good translator doesn’t know the language solely from the books; they probably lived or still live in the target country so they understand all linguistic and cultural nuances.


A trained translator has excellent language skills and can specialize in a certain topic. Thanks to that, they are able to provide you with not only correct but also consistent translations which are extremely important in the business world if you want to appear as professional.

With that, you will avoid confusion and misunderstandings which can eventually lead to the loss of clients and opportunities.

A bilingual without proper training may be fluent in day-to-day conversations but will fail when given texts of technical jargon, marketing materials or legal language to translate.


It’s not only about languages and translation. If you find an international translator with experience, then you will gain a valuable member of your business team.

Experience means that they already worked with other companies entering foreign markets, therefore they probably have opinions on the topic and they can share their insights on some issues that you may not be aware of.

Such a person will not only be your translator but can also become a partner. They possibly know foreign markets better from you (because they know it from personal experience) so they can be helpful in adjusting business and marketing strategies.

They realize how foreign consumers may be different from the ones you work with on a regular basis, and how you can reach them.

Punctuality without sacrificing quality

A professional translator with experience has their own work pace and is able to tell you when the translation will be ready. They can organize their time in order to deliver high-quality texts without any delays, simply because they have done it before.

Also, an experienced translator is naturally quicker as they have already mastered various techniques and skills. Routine and automation are an incredible asset in this profession.

Go slowly

If you want to find the perfect translator who will meet all your needs and expectations, you will have to sacrifice some time for searching. It will be worth it, though, as the value of professional skills is unmeasurable.

Time is money, but in this case, it’s the haste that may turn out to be more expensive.