Influencer Marketing

A Quick Guide to Becoming a Gaming Influencer

The most successful gaming influencers have millions of followers. They also earn a fortune. For example, the influencer called Ninja, who has over 15 million followers on Twitch, reportedly earns more than $500,000 per month just from his paying subscribers.

That doesn’t even take into account Ninja’s sponsorship earnings and the earnings from other streaming sites. Becoming as successful as Ninja will take time and hard work. But if you want to earn a living from streaming games, nothing is stopping you.

Choose a Streaming Platform

First off, you need to determine which game streaming platforms you’ll use. It’s usually better to stick to one platform when you’re just starting, so you can focus all your energy and grow your followers in one place. When your channel becomes more popular, you can consider branching out to other streaming sites.

Twitch and YouTube are the biggest sites used for game streaming. You can also use lesser-known platforms like Smashcast, Gosu Gamers, and Afreeca TV. While you can potentially reach more followers on sites like Twitch, you could get noticed more by streaming on smaller sites.

Choose a Niche

Rather than trying to be a jack of all trades, it’s better to focus on a niche of your choice. After all, everyone is streaming games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. You’ll be able to gain followers more quickly if you choose a niche that differentiates you from other streamers. Stick with a single game or a specific genre. For instance, you could play Grand Theft Auto V or 16-bit games.

You could even stream casino slot games and table games like poker and roulette. You can find inspiration by checking out the ones available at Casumo casino, which was the Casino Operator winner at the recent EGR Nordics Virtual Awards 2021.

Additionally, you may want to cater to gamers in a specific country, like Sweden or Canada, and provide tutorials, game walkthroughs, montages, and other videos to help your channel stand out.

Build Your Brand

The top gaming-influencers build a brand. First, come up with a unique selling proposition. In addition to finding the right niche, your USP could involve providing comedic commentary or professional-looking footage. Your brand is not just about your USP. It’s also about the look and feel of your channels.

Choose colors and wording that reflect what your streams are about. For example, if you only stream 16-bit games, you could choose a blocky retro design. The important thing is to ensure your branding is consistent across all platforms and social media sites.

Build Your Audience

If you want to become an influencer and gain a good income, then having lots of followers is the most crucial thing. But how do you gain followers, and get them quickly? In addition to choosing a niche and building your brand, there are several things you can do. Here are some great ideas:

  • Talk engagingly while live streaming.
  • Stream every day.
  • Come up with catchy titles.
  • Use relevant hashtags and keywords.
  • Use social networking sites to promote your channel.

Another critical component in building your audience is to engage with your followers. When your audience is engaged, people are more likely to follow your recommendations to make purchasing decisions. You should always chat with your followers, but you can also engage with them more by doing things like running contests and sending out email notifications and newsletters.

Network with Other Influencers

If you haven’t established your channel as a distinct brand, stay away from networking with other influencers, because it could be detrimental. But as long as you have differentiated your brand from other streamers, you can focus on networking with other influencers to get to the top. By networking with successful influencers, you can gain more followers, learn marketing strategies, and gain more sponsorship opportunities.