Influencer Marketing

Jason Kulpa on: How to Start Influencer Marketing and Gain Traffic and SEO

If someone ever tells you that marketing is important but it’s not everything, try to move away from that person as quickly as you can. Marketing is the blood that keeps every business alive and if you only spend little time on your marketing, your competitors will eat you alive. According to Jason Kulpa, CEO, Founder, and Leading Marketing Expert of Underground Elephant, influencer marketing is one of the most underrated yet one of the most powerful types of marketing today.

Jason Kulpa is one of the brightest minds in this generation when it comes to marketing. He’s helped businesses generate new possibilities when it comes to acquiring customers. He’s living proof that marketing can bring in thousands of high-intent customers to businesses.

You Should Focus More on Marketing

Well, you still need a great product, excellent customer service, and a great company behind it. But marketing should be your main focus. Without marketing, you are just another nameless, faceless, indistinguishable speck of dust among millions on the beach. Standing out from the competition is difficult enough as it is without inferior marketing strategies to make matters worse.

The great thing about Jason Kulpa is that he goes with the flow. Every now and then, a new marketing strategy is invented. This becomes the latest boon to commercialization. Everyone jumps on board—some have success, while others have failures.

The big thing going right now is influencer marketing. But what exactly is this type of marketing?

Understand Influencer Marketing

We learned influencer marketing directly from Jason Kulpa and he said influencer marketing is having someone with an excellent reputation and a lot of influence in their particular circle promote your products. Don’t worry if you think this sounds like word-of-mouth or celebrity endorsement because in a way, it does.

However, influencer marketing is different from either of those two. It may have some similarity to word-of-mouth or paid endorsements but there is still a crucial difference.

Influencer Marketing vs. Word-of-Mouth vs. Paid Endorsements

With word-of-mouth, someone who loves your brand or product tells their friends and family, those people tell others, and so on. With endorsements, you only pay someone famous or influential in some way to promote your brand. Yes, even if that person has never even heard of your company, much less used your products or services.

You could use loyal customers but this is not influencer marketing either. That would be advocate marketing.

So what is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is when you find someone who is famous and influential in areas related to what you do. That person is hired or simply convinced to spread the word about your company.

That influencer’s credibility and large fan base0 which, in turn, creates opportunities for you. You might be wondering why these people are called influencers in the first place.

Let’s talk about that in the next section…

Why We Call Them Influencers

“The reason why the people who you contact for influencer marketing are called influencers is simple,” says Jason Kulpa. “Influencers are individuals who are heard—their opinions, thoughts, and recommendations are taken seriously by their audience.”

If someone is a successful influencer, then a business could be made or broken with little more than one blog posting or speech.

Although people may make up their mind about something and stand firm on that decision, an influencer could bring about some change in that regard.

For example, if an influencer promoted Pepsi instead of Coke, and loyal audience members were staunch Coke drinkers, that influencer could get people to switch to Pepsi. Yes, based solely on the influencer’s word and promotion.

The influencer’s reputation and being knowledgeable in that market can sway people who were decided one way to the other side, or get those on the fence to make a particular decision.Jason Kulpa About Underground Elephant