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Jason Kulpa on: How to Start Influencer Marketing and Gain Traffic and SEO

Why Influencer Marketing Works

According to Jason Kulpa, “the best thing about influencer marketing is that it works. What many people do not know is why it works. Why? The answer is simple—genuine promotion.”

This is where celebrity endorsements can go off track. Celebrities will pose with a product or say a few words about the product. They do this because they are paid to do so. This does not eliminate the possibility that said celebrity does not believe in the product but their primary motivation is the check.

When you do influencer marketing, you are using someone who is reputable to the audience you are trying to reach. That influencer is related somehow to the product or service you provide.

If you convince the influencer to try or use your product and that person is genuinely impressed with it, he or she will take to promoting you. Although the influencer’s audience is online, they will still be able to smell a rat if there’s one.

The right influencer will genuinely promote your business, and that person’s audience will see and feel that. This will ultimately lead to more customers coming your way, bringing traffic to your site, and your SEO (from yourself and the influencer) will start paying off.

The Trust Factor

Another reason why influencer marketing has been widely successful is the trust factor. If you are like most people, you either snort in distaste at seeing ads, either posted on pages or via emails, or you just ignore them entirely. You might even navigate away from the page to get away from the ads.

There is a significant level of distrust and annoyance towards ads and celebrity endorsements. Word-of-mouth still works but this communication goes mostly between regular people. Now, how about those who are influential in the area where you are targeting your marketing campaign?

This is not to say you should abandon these methods altogether but just to let you know that the success rate of these methods is low, and the amount you spend on these marketing techniques will probably not garner much return on your investment.

In fact, some of these methods are an integral part of what is known as growth hacking.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far about influencer marketing and why it works:

  • Influencer should be highly regarded in the area in which your business specializes
  • Influencers should genuinely believe in your product, thus promoting it honestly
  • Influencers’ reputation should be spotless
  • Influencers unrelated to you, either by personal knowledge or through business
  • Influencers should be extremely trustworthy
  • Some traditional marketing techniques are perceived as dishonest
  • Some marketing strategies annoy customers rather than gain or retain themJason Kulpa on SEO and Influencer Marketing

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