How to Build a Killer Instagram Marketing Strategy

Social networking sites are a great way of marketing your products online. Using the right social platform and appropriate marketing strategies can boost your product sale to another level. But when it comes to online marketing, business owners usually prefer Facebook over any other social networking site.

However, new research has shown that Instagram has over 800 million active users and about 30 percent of online users prefer Instagram over Facebook. The statistics show that Instagram, too, can prove to be an outstanding platform for endorsing your products and boosting your company’s bottom line. But in order to do so, you need the right type of marketing plan.

Making Instagram Work for Your Business

Unlike Facebook, Instagram seems a little complicated for business owners as they claim that there aren’t enough ways of promoting their product there. But the truth is that most of the owners are unaware of the appropriate marketing strategies that are required to gain maximum customers from Instagram.

So the question now arises—how do you build a killer Instagram Marketing Strategy to top your sales charts? If you don’t know how to answer this question, then sit back and relax as we reveal all the secrets needed to create an exceptional and functional marketing strategy on Instagram.

It all starts with a plan!

Before achieving any goal, it’s very important to plan everything out. Similarly, when planning an Instagram marketing strategy, you have to lay the foundations and to set your goal first. Different owners can have different goals and there are some ways to accomplish all.

For instance, if you aim to gain followers on Instagram fast then you have to follow a different plan as compared to someone who is using Instagram to create more awareness of their brand. Therefore, you should have a clear idea of what you are aiming for so that you can follow the right path to achieve it.

Know your targeted audience

It’s extremely important to know your targeted audience as it gives you a window to the people who are actually viewing your content on Instagram. Once you get to know your audience, you can customize your content accordingly. If your account is being followed by younger people then you can target them by modifying your product and profile in ways that can attract them.

Moreover, Instagram allows you to know where most of your followers are from along with their age limits. Using this information wisely, you can come up with content that is more retable and engaging for your audience, leading to an increase in your product awareness.

Give your account a serious makeover

If you want to create an Instagram marketing strategy that will turn the tables for you then optimizing your profile is a must! Your profile reflects your brand, and it should be nothing but perfect. Every detail on your profile can make a difference and there are a lot of things that need serious consideration and here’s a quick list to begin from:

  1. This first thing that catches one’s eyes on Instagram is your profile’s bio. It’s up to you how you can provide the catchiest and detailed description of your business or product in less than 150 words. The bio shouldn’t only be precise but should also reflect your brand. You can use the tagline of your product or even can write a small description. You can take ideas from some of the top brands and how they keep their bios simple yet engaging.
  2. Instagram is all about visual content and the way you post speaks a lot about your product. Your every post should somehow represent your brand. But it should be done in a way that your brand’s profile gives way more than what’s expected.
  3. To make your profile more interesting, you can go with a theme. There’s a range of themes to choose from. You can either choose a color theme or something abstract. Your every post should bear the theme in order to keep the profile coherent and appealing.
  4. Always incorporate your brand logo in every post. You don’t have to use it as a watermark but placing it wisely in every picture can make a huge difference.
  5. If you have a website, make sure you link it everywhere. From your bio to every post, adding your website can help you gain more traffic and audience can learn more about your product by visiting the website.

The art of using hashtags

One of the main reasons why Instagram can prove extremely beneficial for your product is that it comes with a ton of hashtags. The fact that you can search hashtags on Instagram can really change the deal for your business. When building an exceptional Instagram marketing strategy, it’s very important to use correct and relatable hashtags.

Using the appropriate hashtags makes your content more accessible. The description of the picture you post usually is limited to the audience that is already following you but with hashtags, you can expand your promotions to people outside your circle.

There are three basic categories of hashtags: industry, trending, and company. You should analyze your post and then add the hashtags accordingly. It’s highly recommended that you add trending hashtags to your post so that a large number of people can discover it. Additionally, you can also create your own unique hashtags that include your brand name or taglines to make finding you a unique experience.

Be creative with your content

Instagram is like an open canvas where you can paint every post as beautifully as you can. Therefore, coming up with something unique and attractive is the foremost objective. Considering the online competition in today’s world, thinking out of the box is mandatory. You should come up with ideas that not only represent your product but should do so in a way that’s also engaging.

There are a number of ways to do it. You can add behind the scenes pictures or videos of your office or employees. You can do affordable giveaways or you can even conduct live interactive sessions with your followers to get to know them more. You just have to keep improvising and trying out new things.

Be consistent

The key to a successful Instagram marketing strategy is consistency. With competition abounding in every field, inconsistency can be the reason why your followers are choosing other products over yours. That’s why it’s essential that your Instagram profile is up to date. You can set a posting frequency by assigning at least 3 pictures or videos per week.

This will provide fresh content for the audience and will keep them engaged and curious about your product.

Following the above-mentioned tips and tricks can help you create an aesthetic Instagram profile for your brand that can win you more followers as well as boost up your product sales to a level you’ve never imagined!